Successfully completing HSA University, as well as meeting the eligibility requirements, will help you prepare for the Certified Health Savings Professional (CHSP) examination. 

I.  Professional Experience and Education

To qualify for the CHSP Online examination, candidates must meet the following experience and education requirements.

1. Candidates must have a minimum of one year of HSA operational and technical experience.

2. Candidates must graduate from the Ascensus HSA University or equivalent onsite approved training event.

3. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 80 percent on the Online CHSP exam.

If you do not have the minimum one year experience requirement, a letter of qualification/recommendation must be submitted by your employer.

II.      The Online CHSP Examination

To qualify for the CHSP certification, candidates are required to meet the qualification standards and pass the exam with 80 percent accuracy.

II.      Maintaining Certification

Participants who have earned the CHSP certification are required to earn credits toward renewing their certification. Recertification requires eight credits earned over the three-year certification period. The certification period begins January 1 of the year after the certification process is completed and is good for the following three years. Any credits earned during the year a candidate earns the certification do not apply towards recertification.

Ascensus HSA seminars, HSA webinars, HSA courses at Ascend, and HSA eLearning courses are approved for CHSP continuing education credits.  

Upon meeting the CE requirements, a certification renewal fee of $125 is assessed at the end of the three-year certification period.  


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