"Having just returned from your Atlanta conference I would like to say how fortunate I feel to have been able to be a part of the conference. The instructors were not only extremely knowledgeable but were also very open and approachable. It was easy to ask questions and discuss topics with the staff. Also no one on the staff acted like they were superior to any of the students. How refreshing.
Instead of the usual lecture type CME the interactive nature of the course made everyone feel like they were actually part of the conference and not just an observer. The hands on experience I gained was like none I have ever had since being in residency or fellowship.
My critical care skills are definitely better now. I can not thank you enough for your time and the knowledge that your staff exchanged with me. I know my patients lives will be better for it."

Thomas Tomasco, MD

"Brilliant course, so much fun learning, appreciated the wealth of knowledge. Will recommend course to collegues, will do it again in a minute. Great contribution to medical education."

"This is the best emergency medicine conference I have ever attended. I am returning to my ED with intent to provide education to others who work with me especially nurse and other staff."

"The instructors are all outstanding. The Wynn was a great choice for the conference. My expectations were exceeded. Some of the conference sessions alone were worth the tuition. All medical conferences should be this good."

"This was an excellent course and the faculty was outstanding. I was impressed by the references to the most recent evidence-based medicine to back up why we do what we do. I learned so much and will definitely recommend to others."

"Dr. DeBelieux as well as the other faculty greatly enhanced my critical care skills. This gives me greater confidence in managing critical patients. Dr. DeBlieux should be proud that he greatly improved physicians skills. Many patient’s lives will be saved as a result."

"Thumbdrive – excellent idea (green is good), small group/hands on – love this format, plenty audience participation and learning from our mistakes."

"Physrythmia EKG lecture was one of the best, as was the ultrasound."

"I think this conference was excellent. I learned a lot of new information as well as having a great review of other information. As a nerver PA, I felt like this was a great conference and offered a lot of great information. I really enjoyed the skills and procedures workshops. I felt like all of the instructors were excellent and very knowledgeable."

"Really a great course and a good mix of hands on lecture vs group panel discussion."

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