Connecting professionals with vital retirement and savings plan training
Among the many challenges facing financial organizations that offer retirement and savings plans is access to timely, accurate, and effective training. Fortunately, Ascensus has a solution. Our education specialists have teamed with our technology experts to develop a variety of eLearning courses covering IRAs, Coverdell education savings accounts (ESAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and retirement plans—there is a course for every professional. Through its flexible delivery methods, eLearning offers vital retirement and savings plan training when your organization needs it.

eLearning Features
Ascensus’ eLearning courses are built with objective-driven interactions and high-quality graphics. These features coupled with our combined years of ERISA technical research and training experience provide you with the total solution you’ve been searching for. Further, Ascensus’ course content is delivered with learner feedback tools built into the design, enabling the learner to immediately recognize areas where further review is necessary. While each course is designed to take 60 to 90 minutes, learners can work at their own pace and can save a course and come back to it later. Ascensus eLearning is perfect for busy industry professionals who are looking to achieve an industry certification or keep up on the latest rules and regulations. Ascensus eLearning provides a great foundation of retirement learning before moving on to more advanced topics of study.

Registration is just $399/user and includes unlimited access for 30 days to all 23 educational eLearning courses.

For information on a demo or pricing options for year round access for your entire organization please contact us.

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