2018 European Carriere Symposium

Dr. Luis Carrière

Evidence-Based Clinical Solutions for the Treatment of Complex Class II and III Cases.




Dr. John Graham

SAGITTAL FIRST: Transforming Today’s Orthodontic Practice.




Dr. Dave Paquette 

The Evolution of Self-Ligation.




Dr. Ana Marie Cantor

To be announced.




Dr. Peri Colino Gallardo

The Motion 3D Appliance: How it Changed My Practice.




Dr. Francesco Garino

Aligner Therapy Simplified: Fewer Trays, Less Time, Better Results.




Dr. Antonio Guiducci

SAGITTAL FIRST with Passive Self-Ligation: Transforming Today’s Orthodontic Practice.



Dr. Glenn Krieger

Increased Case Acceptance, Amazing Clinical Images, and Lower Stress.



Dr. Jep Paschal

SAGITTAL FIRST Treatment Approach Explained.




Dr. Olivier Setbon

The Benefits of Achieving a Class I Platform in Mixed Dentition.



Dr. Norihide Tsubura


Shifting The Way We Approach Complex Cases, By Turning Them Into Simple Cases.