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The Mass Customized Learning National Summit 2018 provides participants with an in-depth view of how learning communities from across the country are transforming the current industrial age of educational system to a customized system that empowers all learners.

Since the first MCL National Summit in South Dakota in 2012, the enthusiasm and number of participants have grown.  The 2018 MCL Summit will provide 40 different Empowerment Sessions, 3 Keynote Speakers, 6 MCL “Talks” by practitioners, 6 “Ignite Sessions”, and the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding educators from across the country.

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What will you learn?

The Seven MCL Components plus Shifting the Mindset provide a framework for the Summit. There are five Empowerment Sessions for each of the eight topics for a total of forty sessions. Presenters from across the country will share their MCL experiences and what they are learning on the MCL journey.

The Empowerment Sessions are enhanced with three keynote speakers, six MCL Talks, and six Ignite Sessions. The "MCL Talks" are 15 minutes in length and designed to inspire and inform. A representative from each of the six MCL National Alliance Partners organizations will facilitate an Ignite Session that stimulates the exchange of new and exciting ideas in a thirty minute period.

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