2018 MForesight National Summit

About MForesight

The United States has the assets needed for success in manufacturing—from world-class universities and national laboratories to leading firms and entrepreneurs. Still, the success of the manufacturing sector depends on often-elusive ingredients: long-term thinking and coordination. To ensure that American scientific discoveries and engineering inventions result in the creation of new economic opportunity, it is essential to convene the country’s diverse stakeholders in manufacturing to generate and share coordinated input on America’s manufacturing research and development (R&D) priorities.

MForesight: Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight empowers America to think long-term on matters of technology and industry. We’re an independent, nonprofit, expert-driven organization focused on the future of technology, policy, and the workforce. We support policymakers, business leaders, and researchers with rapid response reports and crucial intelligence on manufacturing trends and opportunities. Our focus includes:

  • Research and Development Priorities: We identify platform technologies, essential R&D areas, tools to enable manufacturing readiness, and opportunities for solutions-oriented public-private partnerships.
  • Implementation Challenges: We find replicable, affordable, and scalable technology solutions for small and medium manufacturers, as well as best practices for technology adoption and workforce development.
  • Technology Policy Issues: We analyze and educate on technology policy issues to strengthen U.S. competitiveness.

As the only national consortium convening experts to forecast and develop recommendations for advanced manufacturing technologies, MForesight’s value proposition lies in the creation of a cohesive and coordinated community that influences, supports, and strengthens each other toward advancing U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. MForesight’s long-term impact will arise from better-informed decision-making on emerging technologies leading to manufacturing of new advanced products in the United States, and ultimately, more high-value jobs, strengthened national security, and increased domestic wealth. 

Learn more at our website: MForesight.org

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