2018 MOREnet Annual Conference


Your presentations will be 50-minutes in length unless special arrangements have been made for you to present at a double breakout session.

Conference registration fees will be waived for one MOREnet-member presenter per selected presentation. For Non-member presenters, one individual per selected presentation will receive their registration at 1/2 price. If you are exhibiting and have purchased a booth, your registration will be taken care of through the exhibitor registration. 

  • Presenter must register for the conference
  • Presenters are invited to attend all conference events
  • If lodging is required, presenters are responsible for their own arrangements

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact conferences@more.net.

Equipment and Setup Information

The hardware and software for the presenter's computer should be installed and operational before arrival to the conference. MOREnet personnel will not be available to install these components. However, MOREnet support staff will be available to help presenters test connectivity. Presenters in need of Internet connection are strongly encouraged to test their connection at least two-three hours prior to their scheduled presentation.

MOREnet strives to provide quality internet access and there are limits to how much is available. To access the Internet from the conference, presenters who need an Internet connection must have the following components installed and operational on their computer.

Network Connectivity:
* Ethernet network card installed-using RJ45 connectors only
* Ethernet network card driver installed
**If needed, bring the dongle required to use w/the provided Ethernet cable
* TCP/IP Software
Note: Wireless connectivity is not recommended for presentations.

Video Display Connection
1. We only have VGA connections to the projectors, so please bring appropriate equipment to connect to the projectors.
** If needed, bring the dongle required to use the provided VGA cable
2. There are NO wireless projectors or HDMI video projectors.

MOREnet DOES NOT provide speakers, microphones, laser pointers or mouse or any additional cables for projectors or Ethernet other than what is provided in the breakout rooms, if you are in need of one of these items, you may bring your own or you may contact Tan-Tar-A to purchase during your presentation.

A DHCP server will provide IP addresses. Computers must be configured to receive an IP address via DHCP (or obtain IP address from server). Your organization's technical support personnel may be able to provide assistance. MOREnet support personnel also can assist with this configuration. Static IP addresses will be provided on request.


Presentation Slides

Attendees value the presentation slides to follow along with during the conference and to review when they go home. If you would like your materials to be made available online for attendees, please send your presentation as a PDF to conferences@more.net no later than Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018.

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