2018 MOREnet Annual Conference

From early on with Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers to the more recent Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, we have had a multitude of iconic technology enthusiasts that have played a part in shaping the future we live in today. And we continue through our own technology explorations and by teaching the next generation of enthusiasts to embrace technology and take it to the boundaries of new discovery.

What technology, best practice or teaching innovation are you or your staff using to shape the future? Help us shape this year’s conference by sharing with us the latest and greatest technology has to offer! We are calling for all technology enthusiasts to present at this year's conference.

If you’d like a chance at a free registration, be brainstorming about knowledge you can share and submit your ideas before April 6. Every accepted proposal will receive one (1) free, two-day registration to #MOREnet2018.

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Just as technology has evolved over the last several years, so has our Annual Conference.  Sessions take a deeper dive into solutions to problems, plus there are more networking opportunities and access to subject matter experts than ever before. 

Whether you have attended faithfully year after year or whether it has been a while since you’ve joined us at our Annual Conference, plan to attend #MOREnet2018




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