2018 MQ Quilt Show and Conference

2019 Challenge

2019 Challenge: Global Inspiration

Minnesota Quilters celebrates its show return to Rochester, a truly international city, with the Challenge "Global Inspiration". Rochester is a world center for healthcare. Not only do people from all parts of the world come to Rochester for healthcare, but many healthcare providers are international citizens. Rochester is home to people from all habitable continents.

The theme is a celebration of all the beautiful fabrics and techniques found around the globe that we are privileged to have at our fingertips. Earth supports infinite variety. We expect an extraordinary variety of quilts exploring the earth and all her creatures, citizens, climes and cultures.

Cherrywood Fabrics created 2 bundles of 4 fat quarters each, one deep and one bright of a red, blue, yellow, and green. Each entry must use all 4 Cherry wood fabrics plus 1-4 international fabrics. White and/or black fabric is optional and can be international. The international fabric should be easily recognized as international; African, Asian, Australian, European, South Pacific Island, Inuit, Mayan, Latin, sub-continental Indian, Middle Eastern just to name a few. It is not limited to cotton. Imagine Cherrywood fabric with Indian sari silks, Japanese silks and satins, Irish linen, Scottish wool tartan (but you better know the clan) or llama wool. Explore international quilting and embroidery techniques such as Sashiko, Celtic inspired bias work, Hmong and Guatemalan.

Look beyond our borders for your "Global Inspiration" then bring it home to Rochester in 2019.

Challenge packets may be available for sale at the 2018 show.

Packet and registration $20.00

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