Abstracts due September 29, 2017

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Economic, social, and cultural values and beliefs greatly influence behavior and decision-making. Understanding people’s feelings and perceptions can have a tremendous impact on coastal management efforts.

The Social Coast Forum is all about the “people” side of coastal management, focused on the application of social science to coastal management. Submit an abstract today.

Forum Tracks

Sessions will be organized around the following tracks:

  • Understanding, Collecting, and Applying Ecosystem Services Data
  • Integrating Community Values, Human Health, and Well-Being with Environmental Data
  • Building the Blue Economy: Data Gathering, Analysis, and Reporting on the Economics of Coastal Management
  • Assessing and Communicating Risk
  • Incorporating Social Justice into Planning and Policy
  • Engaging Stakeholders to Collaborate Across Social and Natural Sciences
  • Gathering, Sharing, and Protecting Social Science Data

Session Types

Several different session types will be offered at the forum to highlight your work. You are encouraged to submit an abstract to share your story, tool, or resource, or to get feedback or help.

Short and Sweet: Ready to change it up? Submit an abstract to tell your story in 10 minutes or less with minimal use of text. Focus for short and sweet sessions is on completed projects and how the results were used to address a coastal management issue. This is your opportunity to be creative and experiment with presentation techniques. Similar topics will be combined to form a 90-minute session.

Oral Presentation: More of a traditionalist? Submit an abstract to give a 20-minute presentation. Focus for oral presentation sessions is on completed projects and how the results were used to address a coastal management issue. Similar topics will be combined to form 90-minute sessions.

Storytelling: The Stories That No One Tells: Do you have an epic failure, a huge mistake, a less than successful attempt? This session will allow 20 minutes for you to share your story so that others may learn. The story (drama, tragedy, comedy) should include character development (give us some reason to root for you), a plot (the challenge or conflict you were trying to overcome and what happened), and the point of the story (lesson learned that can be broadly applied). Stories should be consistent with conference themes and should reflect the genuine and authentic experience of the individual, team, or community. Remember: “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” (Henry Ford).

Tackle-the-Issue Facilitated Discussion: Working on a sticky issue? Submit an abstract describing a coastal management issue you are currently dealing with where you would like input on using appropriate social science data, tools, methods, or processes. You will be a part of a 90-minute facilitated discussion where you can solicit ideas and access the resources to help you tackle your issue. No PowerPoint allowed, and plan to talk less so your audience can talk more.

Tool Demonstration and Job Aid Roundtable: Got a great tool to share? Submit an abstract to share a social science tool or job aid that has been applied to address coastal management issues. In this roundtable session, you will have 20 minutes to talk with participants at your table before participants switch tables and you have a new group.

On-the-Spot Skill Building: Have a skill or method to teach others? Spend 40 minutes training others through an interactive session where participants can practice and learn. Your purpose must be to help others learn, and you will need to provide any required technology and materials for participants.

Abstract Submission

You are invited to submit an abstract of 300 words or less. All abstracts must be submitted by Friday, September 29, 2017, via the online submission form. You are welcome to submit more than one abstract; each abstract will need to be submitted separately. No faxed or paper abstracts will be accepted. All expenses involved in preparing and presenting papers are the responsibility of the presenters. All presenters are required to pay registration fees and all associated travel expenses.

All submitted abstracts will be subject to peer review. There is limited space. In addition, all NOAA federal employees interested in participating must first contact the forum coordinator, Jan Kucklick. Acceptance letters will be emailed in early November 2017.

Accepted abstracts will be compiled, as submitted, into the conference proceedings, so presenters need to edit their abstracts before submission.

To submit an abstract  click here.  

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