2018 Texas Regional HIMSS Conference


Questions & Answers

Question: How do I register to attend?
Answer: At the bottom of the summary page is a registration button you can click to begin the process.
Question: What is the agenda for the conference?

The agenda is still being formulated. It will be published on the website shortly. When it is, you will see a an agenda link in the left hand navigator.  You can view the names and bios of the keynote speakers as they are now on the website. 

Question: How can I find out what other organizations are attending?

You can visit the event website and select the “attendees” tab from the left hand navigator. This will bring up a list of attendees and their associated companies. This will also indicate who is a sponsor. Please note that historically sponsors register first and attendees later.

Question: What kind of attendance are you expecting and does that include vendors?
Answer: We have been averaging over 650 people for several years including sponsors.  The previous event held in Houston this past April, 2016 has 700 registrations.  So it is hard to predict how many people will come to Austin.   We had over 110 presentation abstracts to fill 24 speaking slots..   All names of registered attendees are available on the event website in real-time.
Question: How do I register for a booth or other sponsorships?

Click on the “sponsorship opportunities” link in the left hand navigator. You can review the various options, review the exhibit brochure pdf, and pull down an Exhibit Hall floor plan. When you click on “register” you will be taken to a page where you can indicate you want to be an event sponsor. Each succeeding page will request information. By the third page, you will see a list of exhibitor, mobile app and advertising sponsor options. For the exhibitors, when you select premium or standard booth there will be a drop down menu which will indicate which of those booth spaces are still available. For all other sponsorship types you will see the remaining number of those sponsorships available and you can indicate the quantity you would like.

Question: Are there any conference passes included with either the exhibiting sponsorships or the mobile and advertising sponsorships?

When you register as a sponsor, you get one or more complimentary conference passes to the conference depending on the sponsorship level. Additional sponsor attendees must be registered as guests at a cost of $225 per guest and can be added to your sponsorship package during the registration process.

Question: What is the process for payments of conference registrations, exhibits, and sponsorships?

Online payments may be made via all major debit/credit cards on this event website.  

Question: What is the cancellation policy?
Answer: Attendees can find the refund policy published on the Fees page.
For Sponsors all sales are final.
Question: How do I access the presentations?

You can access the presentations using the following URL.


Log in using your first and last name exactly how you spelled it when you registered.  That will trigger an email with a four digit Verification Code.  The you can find the presentations under the Schedule.