2018 Veterans In Business Network National Conference

Speakers & Workshops

Meet the Experts!

Hear from world-class speakers during the VIB Network National Conference! Our panel of experts includes fellow Veteran business owners who have walked in your boots, as well as Veteran business advocates who believe in you and your business.  They all want to share their knowledge, tips and support. Be ready to listen, learn and connect. Let’s put Veteran businesses first!

(Check back again soon - more Speakers/Panelists to come...)

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Tony Perez
 Chris Steely  Leah Nelson
GM (VP) Security Product Group Managing Director 

Director, Coach & Consultant


  GPS Business Group

Townsend Leadership Group

"Accidental Entrepreneur - A Story of Achievable Success"
 "Why the Business World Needs You, and How to Best Contribute as a Veteran" 

"The Art of Relational Confrontation: Leadership that Gets Results" 

 Veteran - Marine Veteran - Marine Veteran - Navy
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Hawk Thomas
 Rene Cota  Robert E. Jones
Managing Counsel

Government Contracts & Accounting Expert

Reid Law PC

  CMG Alliance

Left Brain Professionals

"Forging Failure – Keys to Killing Your Business"  "Business Relationship Management" 

"Cost Accounting in Government Contracts" 

Veteran - Air Force   Veteran - Marine  Veteran Advocate
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Stephen Schemenauer
 Adam Austin  Heather Cox
 Cybersecurity Lead 


Schemtosh Consulting, LLC

  Haight Bey & Associates, LLC

Certify My Company

"Figuring Out the Land Navigation Course of Government Contracting"  "Determining if Your Business Needs Cybersecurity and the First Steps to Implementing a Program" 

"Adding Zeros to Your Bottom Line: The Revenue Impact of Supplier Diversity" 

Veteran - Army  Veteran Advocate  Veteran Advocate
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James Wittmack
 Coreena Conley  Chris Tande
Master Strategist
 Executive Director/CEO 

Small Business Manager

Mind Dump

  Veterans Business Outreach Center

Service Area Office (SAO) West, Veterans Health Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs

"New Ways to Add Value to Your Enterprise"
 "Top Notch Capabilities Statement & Tactics"
(presented with Chris Tande)

"Top Notch Capabilities Statement & Tactics"
(presented with Coreena Conley) 

Veteran Advocate  Veteran Advocate Veteran - Army 
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John Moses (Moderator)
 Marleitha G. Williams
 Ivette Jorge
Deputy Director of the OMWI
Supplier Diversity Program Manager 

Small Business Specialist

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board System

DHS/U.S. Customs and Border Protection

"How to Work with FAR and Non-FAR Agencies"
(Government Panel)
 "How to Work with FAR and Non-FAR Agencies"
(Government Panel)

"How to Work with FAR and Non-FAR Agencies"
(Government Panel)

Veteran - Navy Veteran Advocate Veteran Advocate
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Cole Woodman (Moderator)
 Mel Austin  
Chairman CEO, Actor and Comedian 


VIB Network

  Laughing to Success


"The Secrets & Differences of Working with Corporations, Government Agencies & Prime Contractors" Above & Beyond Banquet Dinner Emcee 


Veteran - Navy  Veteran - Marine 
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