2018 Years of Service Awards


Order your Service Award Pins online now!

Employee names will be printed in the keepsake insert to the ACLAIMH Conference Journal. Pins will be given to an agency representative on site at the ACLAIMH Conference.

Please note - the order details will be entered as follows:

  1. Breakdown your order by selecting each service year pin you need (i.e., 5 years, 15 years, etc.)
    • Enter the specific quantities for each service year pin checked in Step 1.
    • List each employee receiving the service year pin checked in Step 1. (Separate each name with a comma.)
  2. Grand Total of Service Award Pins for your agency
    • If your individual totals in Step 1 do not add up to your grand total in Step 2, ACLAIMH will adjust your order accordingly, and, if applicable, bill your agency for the difference.

DEADLINE - Monday, October 1, 2018

Orders MUST be received by the deadline in order to be printed in the Keepsake insert.

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Fees & Payment Information

Tenure Pins are $5.00 each.


Credit Cards are only accepted through our online registration system and cannot be processed on-site. However, using your confirmation number, you can access your registration information at any time. Simply sign in when prompted and select Modify in order to apply a payment to your record.

Checks should be payable to ACLAIMH and mailed to 28 Corporate Drive, Suite 102, Clifton Park, NY 12065. Please include a printed copy of your registration confirmation, or a note listing which conference and which individuals the check covers.

Invoice My Agency is available if your finance department requires an official statement in order to process a payment. Please be aware that most often invoicing does not occur until after the event.