The 2019 Convention & Tradeshow offers a mix of interactive sessions for seniors housing CEOs/CAOs, board members, site managers and senior administrative teams. To ensure participants receive as many tools as possible to best meet their own personal or organizational needs, eight sessions have been selected to specifically target member-identified topics for learning and growth.  Check regularly for updates on all confirmed speakers, as well as descriptions of individual breakout sessions so that you can make the most of your and your team’s educational experience at the event.

Tuesday Concurrent Breakout Sessions

The Magic of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) - Maximize Value in Designing and Building Affordable Seniors Care
GEF Seniors Housing representatives and experts in the IPD model will share how using this delivery method brought best value for client, team and occupants for the Sakaw Terrace project in Edmonton.
Learn about the basics of IPD and the direct benefits of this model, while taking a look at the real-life final results of this very successful project. 
This session is perfect for anyone involved in capital projects, or considering capital projects in the future.


Working Magic at the Board Table (Even if You’re Brand New)
Presented by Linda M. Wood Edwards – LUE 42 Enterprises
How do boards get anything done? With experienced people leaving and new people coming, all with different values/ideas, it’s amazing we find ways to pull together to do some good for our organizations. We need to go back to the basics and then sprinkle in some magic dust with new ideas and best practices so that we can make use of our precious time as well as the talents that each of us brings to the table. 

The session will introduce the following topics:

  • Not-for-Profits and Corporations playing in the same sandbox
  • When you’re new to the board and everyone else is experienced (onboarding tips)
  • Every board’s role in direction and control
  • Three non-negotiable duties of a board: Fiduciary, Strategic, Generative
  • Governance (board) versus Operations (staff)
  • Board composition, recruitment, and succession tips

This session is a must for anyone serving on a board for seniors’ communities and housing.


Bringing Magic into Design: Aging As A Community

Presented by Barbara Miszkiel (Director of Health for Canada East), Julie Bessant Pelech (Principal, Consulting Gerontologist), Kristen Chambers (CAO of The Evergreen Foundation) and Charl Johnson(Principal, Colliers Project) - Colliers Project Leaders

What is happening to our older population as they become frailer and require more complex care? They are losing what is most important to experiencing an engaging and meaningful life; research supports that elders requiring care do best when they feel they are still a vital part of their community. Yet the associated inactivity of large and institutional settings can counteract this goal of wellness. What has been done to rethink our model of “long-term care” for more positive outcomes is either inconsistent, sporadic or constrained by policy and/or funding models.
Discover how teams can work together to explore the boundaries of established thinking and inspire a fresh approach to design for seniors. As part of a panel discussion, we will explore innovations associated with intergenerational communities from a housing, service and care perspective across North America, including small house concepts, what is translatable from other communities, regions and cultures, and how these approaches can inspire a much needed change in perspective for a more engaging and sustainable life for elders while harmonizing Home and Care.
This session is perfect for those in senior leadership positions, decision makers, and any individuals who are considering, currently involved with, or have recently completed a capital initiative are encouraged to attend.


The Power of A Brand
Presented by Nicole Poulette (Creative Director) - KEEN Creative
Branding is more than a logo.  Branding is a journey and a platform that, once built, can be referred to time and time again for knowing what to say and how to say it.  Branding encompasses visuals, personality and your organization's voice.  To build a stronger community voice and engage with your audiences, you need to start with your branding. 

No spells, no hocus pocus, this session is for housing boards and leaders who want to build a stronger brand.


Wednesday Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Making Aging in Community Possible by Bringing the Home to Meet the Person

Presented by John Brown (Principal with Garden Loft and Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary) and Greg Hart (Partner) - Thin Air Labs
Usually as we age or encounter some other limiting event, the home we live in places inflexible demands upon us that we cannot continue to meet. This forces us away from family and friends and into institutional settings that send expensive and hard to manage ripples into the rest of the health care system while robbing us of our remaining independence.  This project - starting from research at the University of Calgary - aims to avoid all of that by creating a small, beautiful home that can be distributed on its own or in small village configurations. It is beautiful, forgiving and energy efficient. It helps people and organizations avoid the capital cost of building facilities or modifying existing homes.  This session is intended for audiences interested in alternative approaches and innovations in seniors housing.


Know the Cannabis Rules So Your Housing Organization Doesn't Go Up in Smoke

Presented by John McDonnell and Steve Connors - Brownlee LLP

Wonder if you can say 'no smoking cannabis' in your building when it's legal?
What if the resident says they have a disability?  Can you prohibit cannabis use?
If you suspect an employee has come to work impaired, what are the signs to look for?
In this 60 minute workshop, two lawyers from Brownlee LLP will be speaking and sharing valuable information that housing operators and employers need to know including:

  • How can you keep up with all the rules and legalities surrounding cannabis use?
  • If it's not currently in your lease, what is the legality of cannabis use in your sites?
  • If employees have a medical condition for which they are using medical cannabis, can they bring their cannabis to work and consume it during the day?
  • If an employee is using medical cannabis or recreational cannabis and comes to work impaired, can you test for impairment?  Are there disciplinary actions that you can take?

Participants will have an opportunity to meet the lawyers and ask questions at the end of the session.  This session is intended for both senior leaders, managers and those involved in the daily operations of housing organizations.


The Elixir of Community Life: Blending Wellness for Staff and Residents

Presented by Sarah Price (Chief Service and Operations Officer), Barbara Hagen (Regional Manager) and Krista Tweed (Learning and Development Manager) - Silvera For Seniors

Infusing a culture of service and innovation throughout an organization involves consciously mixing evidence-based practices with the lived experiences of residents and staff in daily living.  The result is a re-imagining of the vital role a community plays in supporting wellbeing and quality of life for those who live and work there.  This session is perfect for board members, senior leadership and those working in human resources. 


The Role of Insurance in the #MeToo Movement

Presented by Jessica Foster (Legal Consultant) - Aon, Financial Services Group

This presentation will discuss the #metoo movement that is impacting workplaces across the country.  The discussion will focus on the new risk exposures that this movement creates for organizations and the potential for insurance to respond to sexual harassment complaints in the workplace, the insurance response to potential sources of litigation that might arise out of the #metoo movement, as well as important considerations to ensure you have fulsome insurance coverage.  This is a must-attend session for senior leadership, board members and those working in human resources.

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