2019 ASIC National Conference


Tabletop Displays

Tabletop Displays are the center of activity during breakfasts, lunches and session breaks. The relaxed setting lends itself to open communication, providing excellent networking opportunities. It's also an ideal setting for our members to become more familiar with you and your products and services.

The table top area is not a trade show. Floor displays are not allowed and posters and banners cannot be attached to the walls. Tablecloths with logos or counter signs may be used. Display materials are meant to be simple, including literature, small samples and PowerPoint presentations displayed on laptop computers.

All additional tabletop personnel must also register for the conference. Exhibitors are invited and expected to fully participate in all activities. It is a good opportunity for you to get to know our members and better understand their concerns.

Registered Tabletop Exhibitor Information

Thank you for registering for a tabletop display at the 2019 ASIC National Conference.We are pleased you will be joining us, and sharing your product information with our members. 

Some of you may want to send your materials to the hotel ahead of time. When preparing shipments, please label them as follows: 

“Your Name”
HOLD FOR: ASIC, Carly Kardon, 5/3/19
309 W. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501 

Important items to note when preparing shipments:

  • Packages must be shipped via UPS, FedEx or DHL
  • UPS & FedEx do not make weekend deliveries to Eldorado Hotel & Spa
  • Please have a pre-printed shipping label to ship your items back from the hotel
  • There are scheduled weekday pickups from UPS & FedEx at the hotel - Plan to have your packages picked up from the hotel on Wednesday, May 8th


The first visit with the tabletop exhibitors is scheduled for Sunday, May 5th at 5 pm during our "Speed-Networking" event. This event is a fun and relaxed way for conference attendees to get to know one another and provide additional face-time between exhibitors and Professional Members.

The last visit with the tabletops is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7th from 3-3:45 pm. Tabletop breakdown will take place at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, May 7th.

As a reminder, this is not a trade show and is meant to be more personal and interactive with the members. Your display is limited to what will fit on the tabletop itself--no banners, no oversize signage, nothing on the floor space around the table. Some of you have requested 120 volt electrical service; this was an option on your original registration. If you need electrical service, please double check your confirmation to make sure it was requested. If it is not there, and you do need it, please email Carly Kardon as soon as soon as possible.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe!

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