2019 BrMUG Meeting

Bridge Task Force Members and AASHTO Member Attendees with Complimentary Registrations.

AASHTO Reimbursement Policy

AASHTO Travel Policy

In accordance with the AASHTO Travel Policy, available at the above link, Bridge Task Force Members and AASHTO Member Attendees with Complimentary Registrations may seek AASHTO reimbursement for their travel expenses associated with this meeting.

Below is information on the reimbursement details associated with the most frequently asked questions

  • RECEIPTS  -  Receipts are REQUIRED for all reimbursable expenses, including meals, regardless of the amount.  An original receipt must accompany each expenditure.  Each receipt must show the date, the amount and a description of each purchase.  Debit/credit card transaction records or statement of account is unacceptable.

  • AIRFARE  -  Approval from the AASHTO Project Manager (Judy Tarwater) is required for roundtrip airfare in excess of $800 prior to the purchase of airline tickets that will be reimbursed by AASHTO.

  • AIR TRAVEL to Louisville, KY (SDF) - The Seelbach Hilton Hotel provides complimentary shuttle service from/to the Louisville International Airport.

  • TRAVEL BY AUTO to Louisville, KY -  You may use personal vehicle for trips less than 150 miles, and be reimbursed at the GSA mileage rate. Trips by car in excess of 150 miles (including mileage at the IRS rate, tolls, lodging, parking and subsistence en route) cannot exceed the cost of the lowest roundtrip coach fare plus ground transportation costs (e.g., transportation to/from the airport and parking).  Please note that the parking rate at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel is $23.00/day.  If you plan to drive your own car for a one-way distance to Louisville of greater than 150 miles, you must obtain (and submit with your travel reimbursement form) a price quote for the lowest priced coach airfare from your originating location to Louisville, KY.  

  • LODGING  -  Lodging for the conference (i.e., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights) will be reimbursed. 

  • MEALS  -  Meals during the conference (i.e., Breakfast and Lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday) will be provided by the conference. Other meals will be reimbursed at actual cost with maximum reimbursement limited to an average not to exceed of $46 total per day. 

  • AASHTO will not reimburse for car rentals.

AASHTO Travel Reimbursement Form

AASHTO Travel Reimbursement will be handled via the Concur web-based expense account system.  Concur accounts will be established for attendees whose travel expenses are qualified to be reimbursed by AASHTO prior to the meeting.

Concur How To Guide

AASHTO Lost Receipt Affidavit

Complete the travel reimbursement form and sign. Scan the completed, signed form as well as receipts for all items claimed and email to Judy Tarwater at the email address below.

Judy Skeen Tarwater, P.E.
AASHTO Bridge Products Manager
Phone: (512) 963-1465
E-Mail: jtarwater@aashto.org

Q:   What if my agency requires all travel reimbursements be routed through the agency, with the agency reimbursing me for the travel expenses then subsequently invoicing AASHTO for the expenses reimbursed for AASHTO travel?
A:   AASHTO will continue to reimburse member agencies for travel costs associated with eligible representative attendance at AASHTO meetings via the submission of the AASHTO Travel Reimbursement Form (with applicable receipts).

Q:  Will Concur support direct deposit transactions into banking institutions outside of the United States? 
A:   No.  Direct deposits for travel expense reimbursements via Concur are supported for banking institutions in the Unites States.  AASHTO will continue to reimburse eligible member agency representatives outside of the United States via the submission of the AASHTO Travel Reimbursement Form (with applicable receipts).

AASHTO Travel Reimbursement Form (for the cases referenced above)

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