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Germany - Lehesten, November 8-17, 2019
Basic Information Sheet (BIS)

This IIT is full. The waitlist is full as well. 


An IIT is a 9-day, Nonviolent Communication, "immersion experience" residential workshop typically including 40 to 70 participants with 3 to 5 CNVC Certified Trainers. All the participants and trainers live together in community during the training. You learn, eat, play and live with people who want to connect compassionately with others for nine days. An IIT training offers an opportunity to live Nonviolent Communication with a community over an extended period of time with the intention to develop Nonviolent Communication skills and consciousness.

What is special about this IIT?

2019 is a special year for people in Germany, Europe (in particular Eastern Europe) and the world: 80 years ago, in 1939, Germany began with the occupation of Poland, which caused the Second World War. 30 years ago, in 1989, the wall that divided Germany has fallen, countries in Eastern Europe usually found non-violent ways to create a new social path in their countries. This IIT will be particularly refer to these experiences.

It will be the first IIT in Eastern Germany and will be offer at least two slots focused on the healing of (intergenerational) pain associated with the second World War, the Holocaust and reconciliation. We also want to celebrate, that people in most European countries have no longer experienced war at first hand.

IITs pursue the goal of creating an opportunity to support the process of NVC to live in community over a longer period of time in order to develop the ways of thinking and to develop practical tools, which you can use in four areas: personal & professional relationships, inner transformation, reconciliation & healing of (inherited and present) pain, and social change. We intend to contribute to these four areas from the current IIT curriculum.

And, as always, there is also room for co-creation.

Seminar languages: English, Translation to German


Annett Zupke (Germany)
Jan van Koert (Netherlands)
Dr. Med. Irmtraud Kauschat (Germany)
Giorgos Tsitsirigos (Greece)

find their biographies under the "trainers" tap in the menu on the left

 Schieferpark Venue: Schieferpark

The conference house is located in the beautiful nature of the Thüringer forrest, joyful for exercise, long walks and talks during the IIT.

Travel: Lehesten is about 1.75 hours from Erfurt. 2 hours from Nürnberg, Leipzig oder Chemnitz, 2.5 hours from Dresden. 3.5 hours from Frankfurt, München, Berlin.

by car: more info after you sign up.

Participants are asked to wait until their registration in the IIT has been confirmed before booking travel reservations.


Total IIT Fees consists of a tuition fee (payable in US Dollars or Euro to CNVC) and accommodation fee (payable in Euro to the venue) - as outlined in the tables below.

Tuition Rates Total Fee
Full Tuition $US2,340 or €1990
6 month early-bird - payments received in full 6 months prior to start of IIT (8 May 2019) - 15% off full tuition $UD1,989 or €1691,50
3 month early-bird - payments received in full 3 months prior to start of IIT (8 August 2019) - 10% off full tuition $US2,106 or €1791
Certification Candidate or Previous IIT attendance - If you are a registered certification candidate with CNVC or have attended a CNVC IIT before - 15% off full tuition $US1,989 or €1691,50

We highly recommend to contract a travel and seminar cancellation insurance.

Accommodation fees (for 9-day training):


Accommodation Type

Accommodation Fee Payable to Venue via
www.gfk-Info.de/iit /

Single occupancy

€730,50 /Person

Double occupancy

€634,50 /Person

Triple occupancy

€598,50 /Person

4 person share

€580,50 /Person

Prices are including meals. The venue offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian (meals with meat) options.

How to register:

  1. Click here to fill out the online IIT Application Form
  2. Applications sent before October 8, 2019 need to include full or partial payment, with a minimum of $/€100. The balance is due on October 8, 2019. For applications sent on or after October 8, 2019 please include all fees
  3. CNVC and organizer team usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you did not receive an acknowledgement within this time.

For questions please contact the IIT Department at +1 505-244-4041 or email at iit@cnvc.org or
contact the organizer of the Germany IIT
in Germany: Anja Ufermann anja.ufermann@gmx.de 

Anja UfermannOrganizer: Anja Ufermann (Germany)

I love to create spaces where people meet each other. That's why I like to organize events like NVC Days or the DACH Congress in addition to my professional activity as a trainer for Nonviolent Communication (cert. CNVC). Annett and Irmtraud asked me to organize the IIT 2019 in Lehesten. I have taken on this task because the topic touches me personally.

My father's family comes from Eastern Europe and has experienced flight and had to find a new home. The traumatisation of my parents, the war children, had an influence on my life. Belonging was an important topic at home: Better not to attract attention - it was safer to adapt! We children then rebelled against that, which was also an entanglement. For some time now I have been working intensively on the topic of "the effects of trauma" and healing ways to new possibilities. So the inquiry came just in an appropiate moment. I am deeply convinced that community opens special, unique possibilities.

I see my role as a host who helps to create a warm and safe place where learning, development, healing through connection is possible. I'm looking forward to bringing German hospitality, as I experienced and received it from my foremothers, into these days and I'm also available for empathy sessions.

A Warm Welcome!

****Attendance at an IIT is a request of those who wish to become CNVC certified trainers, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to share NVC, whether you want to be certified or not. more info here


  • When

  • Friday, November 8, 2019 - Sunday, November 17, 2019
    17:00 - 12:00
    Central Europe Time

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