2019 FTA Technology Conference and Exhibition

Don't let the word "technology" fool you. The 2019 FTA Technology Conference and Exhibition is for techies, yes, but it is also a one-stop educational venue for agency leadership interested in technology and security trends, and fraud and compliance leadership looking for the latest technologies to help you do your work.

Do you care about breaches? Check. Security? For sure. Automation? Absolutely.

But you also care about strategy, trends, understanding the lay of the land, not letting the future catch you unaware — so this year FTA is bringing you three keynote speakers who will leave you with plenty to think about.

And you care about the right now to take back to your agency. Breakouts are especially focused on unique, innovative approaches for users of technology to improve tax administration. Plus, always, the exhibit hall is your ticket to browsing through the panoply of options available from the private sector, in a fully ethics-approved setting.

And if you're a pure techie, we haven't forgotten our DNA. Tax administrators are constantly on the hunt for new efficiencies and ways to improve the productivity of their technology systems. This is the only forum for states to share their best practices and to learn from their peers when it comes to every angle of technology in state tax administration.



FTA E-Standards meeting

There is an optional FTA State E-Standards meeting on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday all day.
Please note that you have the option of registering only for the E-Standards meeting.
Send an email to Verenda.Smith@taxadmin.org to ask for directions.

Early Bird Registration

There is a volume discount available for government attendees. Register three from the same agency and get one free. If you do not register all four at the same time, no problem: FTA can make the adjustment manually. If you experience any difficulties with the process just send an email to Darrell.Reeves@taxadmin.org.

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