2019 Special Deliveries


I attended the Special Deliveries course in Boston, May of 2018 as a part of my preparation for an EMS lecture I was scheduled to give.  I walked in with the expectation that I was going to get some hands on simulation experience and just a general overview of deliveries.   Having come off of a stent of nights and with only 4 hours sleep prior to the course, I was looking forward to my afternoon flight home.  So imagine my surprise, when I found myself being the one to volunteer to go first for all of the simulations.  The course was so engaging and incredibly organized.  You could tell they knew all the areas the participants would want to experience in a course like this.  Nothing seemed redundant, nothing was too basic.  It was fast paced enough to keep our interest throughout the day as well.  The faculty there were truly amazing as well.  They were so informative and knowledgeable.  I had one even teach me some things that had nothing to do with the course!  I would recommend this course to any emergency provider.  I myself would love to take it often, just to keep up with the skills they teach you.  
Ayanna D. Walker, MD

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