The information contained on this tab applies ONLY to BAF funded participants.  
Nlets does not reimburse expenses for any other attendees.

BAF Reimbursement Guidelines

1. Any person traveling on Nlets business will be reimbursed for his/her expenses for airfare. Non-refundable coach class will be the standard class authorized unless it is unavailable for some portion of the round trip. Nlets recognizes the variety of discounted airfares may, if used, provide considerable savings.  

2. The BAF reimbursable cap for air travel for the STARS Workshop in Tempe, AZ is $500.00. If you cannot obtain airfare from your location to Tempe, AZ on the approved travel dates of September 9th arrival and September 12th departure, please contact us at ( for authorization to exceed this cap. A study has been conducted and it was determined that the $500 cap is sufficient for most travelers if purchased early.  Y class, business or first-class tickets are not allowed and will be reimbursed at the non-refundable rate.

Many Federal agencies utilize a federally contracted travel agent and purchase fully refundable tickets. Nlets will not reimburse for tickets purchased in this manner when it results in substantially higher ticket prices. If this is your situation, please contact and Nlets will purchase your ticket on your behalf.

3. Any person traveling on Nlets business, and who intends to travel on dates other than those immediately preceding and following the function, and, who intends to request reimbursement for part or all of these expenses, must submit, in advance, a request to the Executive Director. It must provide the anticipated itinerary and projected costs.

4. All official travel will be performed by the most direct, usually traveled routes unless otherwise justified. Travel by indirect routes, unauthorized stopovers, or detention en route for personal convenience will be at the traveler's expense unless it can be shown that it is to the financial benefit of Nlets.

5. Other transportation modes are permissible; however, the total travel expense and per diem must be calculated at the minimum. Private conveyance for travel will not be used when use of the privately owned vehicle is disadvantageous to Nlets; prior approval must be received. (Refer to the travel policy below)

If you prefer to drive, you must first obtain approval from Bonnie Locke. Additionally, the total mileage cost reimbursed for driving will not exceed the airfare costs from the origination city to Tempe, AZ.

6. Copy or Scanned Receipts for airline transportation should be submitted with the expense claim. 

7. Reimbursable ground transportation expenses include toll fees, local parking fees, reasonable taxi fares, airport limousine fares, etc. Auto rental expense will ONLY be reimbursed when PRIOR authorization is secured from the Executive Director.

8. Local mileage incurred by the resident employee on his/her personal vehicle while providing transportation to Nlets participants who would otherwise have to rely on less economical means of transportation (e.g. cabs, rental cars) will be reimbursed at the rate as established by the Internal Revenue Service for the specific period in which the travel occurred.

Vehicle Vs. Airfare Travel Policy

If travel is by automobile, Nlets will determine the most direct and normally traveled route between the origination and destination, using The traveler will be reimbursed for actual miles driven not to exceed the distance as dictated on Mapquest®. Nlets will reimburse the traveler one day's per diem and one night's lodging for every 400 miles traveled. In no case will Nlets reimburse the traveler for more than 1,200 miles, three days per diem and two days lodging—one way. The cost for lodging may not exceed the cost for lodging at the destination meeting hotel. The total cost for driving (including per diem and lodging) must not exceed normal coach fare for the actual length of the meeting. 

As a hypothetical example, if an individual wishes to travel by personal automobile from Denver, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona, the site of the STARS Workshop, he or she will notify the Nlets office in writing. The Nlets office will verify the distance to be 913 miles, one way. The cost of travel by private vehicle is detailed below. You will note that certain expenses associated with flying, such as parking at the airport, have been added.
Cost of driving 1826 miles @  $0.55       $1,004.30
Cost of lodging 8 nights @      $149.00   $1,192.00
Cost of per diem 9 days             $59.00     $531.00
Cost of Airfare                                    $226.00      $226.00
Cost of lodging 8 nights @              $149.00      $1,192.00
Cost of per diem 9 days @                $59.00        $531.00
Cost of parking at airport-5 days @$10.00        $50.00
Cost of driving to airport 40 miles @$0.56       $22.00
In this example Nlets would pay $1,189.00 to the traveler even though they drove because it is the least expensive option.

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