Western Winter Workshop - The Legacy

Beginning in 1961, AACE was starting its 6th year as an association and some of the founding members decided to create a workshop. At the time both the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California sections were active in the formation of the guiding principles for our association. These sections were about to embark on what is now and annual event spanning 58 years. They arrived at the beautiful Pebble Beach Resort and spent the weekend discussing the future of the association and the betterment of the processes we use today but even more then this they began lasting relationships that would bolster the future of AACE. While we all think of Pebble Beach as a golf paradise, the social events most attended were friendly games of tennis there on the grounds and overlooking the Pacific. As year’s past, the annual pilgrimage continued and as explained to me by Eleanor (Jane) Kelly, wife of Frank Kelly the Association’s President in 1977, “it was more of a family gathering.”  Jane also added that both past presidents Frank and Brian Dunfield (Association President 1980) would take turns babysitting the kids while the grown-ups had some fun. The workshop would complete on Sunday then spill over into the following week which just happened to be Bing Crosby’s “Crosby Clam Bake” or formally known as the Bing Crosby National Pro-Amateur. In 2002, Igor MacKay, while convincing me to take over the management of this event, was very proud to share how as a young man fresh out of college was coaxed by his boss to attend this event and rub elbows with association leaders, movie stars and the professional sports figures of the day. In the eighties the ballooning price of the resort forced the sections to move into Monterey but that story convinced me we had to return. In 2006, five years of planning began and with the help of our sponsors we came back to Pebble on the 50th year and as traditionally planned we began the event the week prior to the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am (previously the Crosby Clam Bake). For our little golf outing that week Bill Murray was in the group just behind our last foursome as he practiced for the tournament the following week. D.A. Points and Murray won the Pro-Am that year. We lost Igor the year before the 50th but I know he was there in spirit.

We welcome you to the 2019 event at the Harrah's in Lake Tahoe Nevada. Please join us for our Innovation Collaboration Forum, capital owners track, four concurrent tracks on the latest in cost engineering, scheduling, estimating, earned value and forensic claims analysis and social and business networking. Bring the family and join your old and new friends as we move forward in the betterment of our association! This is a gathering of friends that will be remembered for a life time and beyond.


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John Haynes
Chairman 2002 - 2018

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