2020 Academia & Workforce Development Committee Kick-off!

Dual Target Population Focus


The Session will focus on both the Craft Labor and the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management resources in our industry.  

Craft Labor

The betterment of craft resource quality and quantity to support the growing industry needs; Focus is on expanding the candidate resource pools, enhanced training and testing methods, career development measures and overall increased ‘professionalizing’ the craft workforce

EPC Staff
The betterment of staff resource quality and quantity to support the growing industry needs; Focus is on improving the university graduates to be more industry ready; those prepared to advance more quickly as industry needs demand; provide career planning and development resources as industry (owner, supplier and contractor), through the ECC, better interfaces with academia




 Workshop Agenda - Wednesday, March 4

7:00am: Breakfast and Registration

8:00am: Introduction of Attendees 
8:15am: Introduce Committee Purpose, Mission and Targets 
Split Discussion into Focus Areas for Collective Ideas (Problems, Needs, Gaps)
9:15am: Networking Break 
9:45am: Discuss Problems, Needs Gaps, Report out from discussion 
10:15am: Split into Groups (Green and Blue) to Identify Solutions, Activities, Targets
10:45am Discuss Solutions, Activities, Targets
11:15am: Wrap up all Subjects
11:30am: Recap Planned Actions by month for the year 
11:45am: Discuss Plans and Logistics Annual Session (Main stage / Breakout)
12:00pm: Adjourn to Lunch

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