Singletary Center for the Arts Concert Hall - Adjudication Concert


  1. Performing space dimensions Approximately 40' wide x 30' deep x 25' tall
  2. Crossover -Yes, but it's a wide (left to right) space
  3. ProjectionsNo
  4. Wings - 4 wings approximately 7' deep 
  5. Main Drape - Maroon, fixed opening of 40'
  6. Scrim - no
  7. Cyclorama - yes, there is not an option for a black traveler/curtain
  8. Floor - Black Harlequin Marly Dance Floor over hardwood flooring
  9. Other Limitations – no rigging

Please note:  No rosin, talcum powder, glycerin, lotions, or other similar substances may be used.  Shoes that could potentially damage the dance floor surface, such as hard-soled shoes, painted shoes, or jazz tennis shoes, may not be worn.  Tap shoes may be worn as long as the screws are tightened.

Dancers should rehearse within the stage dimensions prior to the conference to avoid dancer injury and damage to theater property.

Rigging and Flying:

There are no resources for flying scenery.

Soft Goods:

The legs and borders are black velour.





Maximum number of cues, including opening and closing cues:  10

Control Board:  E.T.C. Ion Control Console

A complete dance light plot will be utilized comprised of low, medium, and high sidelight; backlight; diagonal backlight; front light; down light “pools”; and cyclorama color washes. 

Color changes will be possible in the low (“shins”), mid (“waists”), and medium (‘heads”) sidelight. Schools must provide all gel for these changes. These materials should be presented when a school registers.

Magic Sheet, Stage Manager Cue Sheet, Tracking Sheet, and Ground Plan are available for download on the Tech page of the conference website. 

The magic sheet is a simple graphic representation of the light plot, with the numbers showing where a specific channel within a wash hits the stage (or originates, in the case of the side lights). Each box represents the stage as viewed from the house, with the bottom of the box being downstage. The numbers next to the wash name represent its color: L = Lee Filters color and R = Roscolux color. N/C means No Color and C/C means Color Change – all schools must bring their own color for the low heads, mids, and shins (color frame size is 6.25” x 6.25”).

On the Stage Manager Cue Sheet, fill out your color needs and any props or special needs. Filling in when cues are called is optional, but helpful.

Please fill out the tracking sheets with your best approximation of the cues you want (with levels in the boxes under the channel #’s). Write all channel levels in every cue – if a channel goes out, write a “0”. Number your cues 1 through whatever in the “Q #” slot.

Please limit your cues for adjudication.

Followspots are not available.


Note: Each participating school is responsible for submitting required technical information. Schools that do not submit the required technical information OR contact the host school's TD by the posted deadline are not guaranteed that all lighting cues will be ready by the attending school's designated technical rehearsal.  Attending schools in this situation can opt to select a general warm or cool look or, provided the TD has been contacted and approves, use their technical rehearsal to develop additional cues.  In this case, attending schools may not have time to run their dances fully.




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