Informal Concert


 Guignol Theatre - Informal Concert


  1. Performing space dimensions Approximately 32' wide x 28' deep x 16' tall
  2. Crossover (yes/no) Yes
  3. Projections (yes/no)- No 
  4. Wings - 4 wings approximately 7' deep
  5. Main Drape - none
  6. Scrim - black 
  7. Cyclorama - yes, white
  8. Floor - Black Harlequin Marly Dance Floor over Masonite covered plywood
  9. Other Limitations – no rigging

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for conference participants to present work in an informal concert. Participation through choreography and/or performance in the Informal Concert is open to all registered attendees. Participation is limited to one dance per institution unless otherwise noted.
Please submit Informal Concert program information online by Jan. 10, 2020 

All Music is due by Feb. 3. Upload music in MP3 or .wav to your school's folder located on

Please be sure to label songs by dance title. 

Guidelines for Informal Concert Participation

  • All groups and individuals registered for the conference are eligible to perform in the Informal Concerts.
 Works-in-progress may be shown.
  • Dances presented in the Informal Concerts are restricted to work not being adjudicated. 
  • In the interest of creating opportunities for many schools, only one dance per institution may be shown in the informal concerts; however, more than one piece per school will be considered if space allows. 
The maximum time for each work presented in the Informal Concert is 12-minutes.
  • The burden of meeting the time requirement rests with the choreographer.  ACDA recommends that the choreographer allow a time margin within the 12-minute limit for technical errors or theater peculiarities. 
  • Only 16 dances are accepted. 8 in each informal concert.
  • A sound recording of concert quality must be provided by the choreographer in the format specified by the Conference Coordinator (see Tech Info).

Request/Reserve Informal Participation Policy

    • During the first three days of registration, schools and individuals may request an informal slot during online registration. 
    • After three days, the host institution will reserve slots with priority given to schools with no reserved adjudication slots. 
    • Additional slots will be given to schools with adjudication slots based on time stamp of their registration. 
    • All schools requesting slots will be informed of their status. 
    • If additional slots are available after the initial three-day request period, they will be filled on a first registered/first reserved basis. 

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