On-Site Conference Information

Welcome to our One-Stop Shop for all critical information related to our 2020 ACDA (En) Vision Conference!  Download away!


Thanks to the Whova app and downloadable packets and programs, we are working towards a sustainably-conscious Conference. The University of Kentucky will not be using very much paper! The full Conference Packet will be downloadable here if you like everything in one place. There will be a limited number of printed concert programs at each show. We will be encouraging participants to use the Whova app during concerts.


Please print out information ahead of the Conference for students/faculty needing accommodations. In addition, schedules can be available on paper by request at any time at the registration table in the Guignol Lobby in the Fine Arts Building. Please know, however, that Teaching Schedule updates will only be made in Whova and at the registration table. Check these places for updates.

Whova Mobile App

Our conference will use the Whova mobile ​app to provide all participants with the most up to date schedules and all conference informational documents. Participants will be able to download the app using a smartphone or other portable, smart device, such as an iPad or Tablet.


Stay tuned for an invitation code and more information on downloading the app.

Participants who do not have access to a smartphone or other device may download and print conference documents posted below or request paper copies of conference documents at the registration table in the Guignol Lobby, Fine Arts Building.


Just a quick note to remind you that adding classes to your agenda on the WHOVA app does not reserve a spot in that class.


COMING SOON:  Click here to access all information uploaded to the Whova app.
The information is the same as listed below

General Information


COMING SOON: For the most up-to-date schedule, click here or refer to the mobile app. 


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