Questions & Answers

Question: How do I know if I registered successfully?
Answer: You will receive a confirmation email to your CTU email address within one hour of successfully completing your registration. If you do not receive an email to the CTU email address you used to register with, please contact your Student Success Coach.
Question: If I registered online, do I still need to check in at the Bellco Theatre?

Yes. It is very important that CTU knows who has checked in so we can ensure an orderly processional and graduation ceremony.  At check-in, you will receive important information in your welcome packet, including the scheduled line-up time for your ceremony, your graduate name card, helpful information for your guests, and other useful items. Picking up this information in advance will help ensure you and your guests have a positive, memorable experience on graduation day.

If you are graduating with honors or are a veteran or active member of the military, you can pick up your honor cord and/or military cord. Grads who received an honor cord at home should bring it to Denver and wear it during the ceremony.

Question: Can someone else check in for me?
Answer: As a graduate, you must complete the check-in process and pick up your welcome packet in person. We will not be able to give your welcome packet to anyone else.
Question: When and where can I check in?

Grads should plan to check in on Friday, May 8, between 1:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Welcome/check-in is located in the “D” Lobby of the Colorado Convention Center near the Bellco Theatre. The Colorado Convention Center is a very large building. Please allow ample time to find your way from convention center entrances to the “D” Lobby and the Bellco Theatre.

Question: Where will my regalia (cap & gown) be shipped?

All regalia will be shipped to the Bellco Theatre. You can pick up your regalia on May 8 from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. or May 9th during late check-in.  

Associate and Bachelor’s regalia include a cardinal red gown and matching mortarboard cap with a CTU tassel. Master’s and Doctoral regalia include a black gown, black mortarboard or tam with coordinating tassel, and a hood in the color that represents your academic program.

For those graduates who wish to purchase regalia of fine, long-lasting quality (especially those teaching in a collegiate setting), visit the Jostens website or contact the regalia vendor of your choice.

Question: What should I wear to the graduation ceremony?

All graduates must wear CTU regalia (cap & gown). Regalia will be shipped to the Bellco Theatre and graduates are encouraged to pick up regalia during check in on May 8 from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you are unable to pick up your regalia on May 8th you will need to pick it up on May 9th during late check-in. Appropriate dress for the weekend is business casual. There will be many opportunities to have your photo taken. Photos may be shared on CTU’s website and social media, so be sure to dress appropriately. Also, there may be significant time spent standing and walking, so wear comfortable (but appropriate) footwear.

Question: Can I decorate my cap?

While the goal of the graduate cap & gown (regalia) is to bring a sense of uniformity, significance, and prestige to such an important event, we recognize that some graduates also wish to express themselves to celebrate in their own, unique way. With this in mind, please ensure that any decorations follow these guidelines:

• Limit décor only to the top surface of the mortarboard (flat, diamond-shaped top of the graduate cap).
• Décor should not hang down or out from the edge of the mortarboard.
• Décor must be no thicker than ½” above the top surface of the mortarboard.
• Décor should be permanently affixed to the cap. 
• Use discretion with words or images in your décor as this is a family-friendly event subject to all university policies.
Question: Where do I pick up my academic honor cord?

Graduates at either the Associate or Bachelor’s level who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher (as calculated by the CTU Registrar in May 2020) will be recognized by wearing a gold honor cord as part of their regalia. Graduates who received their diploma and honor cord at home should bring their honor cord with them to the ceremony in Denver. Soon-to-be graduates who have earned this distinction will be given their honor cord at Graduation Check-in.

Note: Exceptional scholastic achievement is expected at the graduate level and therefore not recognized with honor cords at the graduation ceremony.

Question: As someone who has served in the armed forces, where do I pick up my military cord?
For any graduate who is a veteran or an active duty member of the U.S. military, we recognize your service with a red, white and blue military cord.  Military cords can be picked up at the registration desk during the hours listed.
Question: How many guests may I bring to the graduation ceremony?

In 2020, CTU will hold two different ceremonies on May 9th, providing the opportunity to accommodate most guests. Guest tickets will not be necessary. Instead, seating will be first-come, first-served on the day of the ceremony. For planning purposes, the registration form asks you to provide an approximate count for the guests you plan to bring. In the unlikely event that the 5,000-seat Bellco Theatre reaches capacity, some guests may not be admitted due to local safety regulations.

Question: How will my guests receive their tickets for the ceremony?

As indicated above, we will not be issuing guest tickets for the 2020 ceremonies. Please advise your guests of the Bellco Theatre guidelines and encourage them to allow plenty of time for parking and navigating their way through the Colorado Convention Center.

Graduates will have reserved seats; otherwise, it will be open seating. Doors will open one hour prior to the start of each ceremony. See the Graduation Day Agenda for more details.

Question: Are children welcomed to attend the graduation ceremony?
Children are welcome at the graduation ceremony; however, in order to preserve the solemnity of the occasion for all graduates and guests, parents should keep children quiet and with them at all times. The ceremony may be long for young children, so parents are encouraged to sit toward the back of the theater so they can take children out for a walk in the lobby, if needed. Children will not be permitted to sit in the seating areas reserved for graduates. Child care facilities or services will not be available. Please plan accordingly.
Question: Is there assigned seating at the ceremony for graduates, faculty and family & friends?
Answer: Graduates and faculty have designated seating areas. Family and friends may sit anywhere outside of the graduate seating or other reserved sections.
Question: Can I sit next to my classmates or friends at the ceremony?
Answer: Due to the structured format of the graduation ceremony, graduates in your degree level will be lined up in alphabetic sections based on the first letter of your last name. You will also process across the stage and be seated in the audience in the same fashion.
Question: How long will the graduation ceremony last?
Answer: Each graduation ceremony will last approximately 2–2 ½ hours. To honor all your fellow graduates and their achievements, everyone should plan to stay until the end of the event. If you do need to leave early, please be respectful to those around you as you are exiting your row and the theatre.
Question: How will I meet up with my guests after the ceremony?
Answer: When you check in, acquaint yourself with the convention center space, identify a specific spot to meet after the ceremony ends, and communicate this to your family and friends.
Question: Will I be able to meet my professors or instructors before or after the ceremony?
Answer: Many professors and instructors will be available in Lobby D after the ceremony. If there is a particular instructor you would like to meet, we suggest you make arrangements directly with them prior to the ceremony to ensure they are attending and will be available. Not all instructors will be in attendance so please make sure to reach out to them ahead of time to confirm.
Question: Will I receive my diploma at the graduation ceremony?

No. Regardless of ceremony participation, all graduates will receive their diploma kit at their home address approximately 6–8 weeks following their final term (provided all academic and financial obligations are fulfilled). If you have further questions about your diploma or receiving official transcripts, please contact the Registrar Team. Participation in the ceremony does not constitute a conferred degree.

Question: Will I get a photo of myself receiving my scroll on stage?
Answer: We will share a photo of you on stage at no cost in the weeks after graduation. You and your guests will also be able to order additional pictures. More details will be available in the weeks following the ceremony.
Question: Will the ceremony be webcast live?
Answer: Yes, the ceremony will be available via live stream for those who cannot attend in person. CTU will provide the link to the live event about 7–10 days prior to graduation day.
Question: Can I purchase a DVD of the graduation ceremony?
Answer: Sorry, you will not be able to purchase a video recording of the graduation ceremony (DVD or otherwise). A replay will be available in the weeks after the ceremony. Graduates should watch their email for a link to view the online replay of the ceremony.
Question: Can I leave my personal belongings in the line-up room while I am in the Bellco Theatre?

No. Leave all valuable items such as purses, wallets, jewelry, etc. at home, or with a family member, or take them with you into the Bellco Theatre. We suggest that you make arrangements to leave luggage with your hotel’s concierge desk until after the ceremony. CTU is not responsible for lost or stolen items of any kind.

The line-up process and ceremony can take be a lengthy time period. Please use the restroom before lining up and come fully prepared. As Denver is at a high altitude, we suggest you stay well-hydrated and bring a disposable water bottle with you, along with any required medications. You are welcome to bring your mobile phone (only on SILENT mode) to easily connect with your guests and to share your graduate experience on your favorite social channels. Be sure to tag your posts with #CTUgrad.

Question: Where is the lost and found for the Bellco Theatre?
Answer: While we are set up and active at graduation, CTU staff will maintain a lost and found at the CTU Information Desk, located next to the check-in area. Once the ceremony is over and we have departed, all found items will be transferred into the care of the Colorado Convention Center guest services desk.
Question: Are balloons allowed in the Bellco Theatre?
Answer: No. Balloons are prohibited in the Bellco Theatre.
Question: I have accessibility concerns. What if I need special assistance getting to my seat and on/off the stage?

All graduates who are able will use the stairs to process into the theatre down to their assigned seats. There are also stairs to access the stage level. For those grads that cannot navigate stairs, there is an elevator available to access the various levels.

Question: For wheelchair seating, wheel chair assistance, or other needs, will my guests who may need special assistance be able to watch the ceremony in the theatre?

The Colorado Convention Center provides accessibility throughout. Please have a friend or family member available to help your guests who might need additional assistance. Transportation assistance will be available inside the Bellco Theatre for those that need mobility assistance.

The ceremony will be amplified through a well-equipped sound system and broadcast to two large video screens. For guests with limited vision, the large screens are best viewed from the back of the theatre.

Bellco Theatre has accessible guest seating on the same level as the lobby and is available from all doors. To accommodate those guests that require this seating, we kindly request only one companion sit with each person needing assistance.

Please notify the CTU Graduation Team during registration of any specific assistance you may need.
Accessible parking is available at all levels of the parking garage with easy elevator access to Lobby D. If you need wheelchair accommodations, please bring a wheelchair with you to the convention center.

Question: I/my guest will have a service animal. What accommodations will be made for service animals?
Answer: Properly documented service animals are permitted in the Bellco Theatre. A patch of lawn is designated at the corner of 14th Street and Welton Street, outside of Lobby A.
Question: Are wheelchairs available at the Bellco Theatre?
Answer: While a very limited number of wheelchairs may be available for point to point use (i.e., curb to theatre) from Colorado Convention Center Guest Services, for dedicated on-site use and confirmed availability, advanced wheelchair rental reservations should be made through the UPS Business Center at CCC.
Question: Can I purchase graduation announcements?
Answer: You can purchase personalized announcements through Jostens. Visit the Jostens website and choose the package you prefer. You can also purchase other graduation-related items, such as photo cards, class rings, diploma frames, and more. Representatives from Jostens will also be available on May 8th and May 9th to assist with class ring and frame orders.
Question: What merchandise is sold in the CTU Shop?

Anything and everything CTU! You can purchase T-shirts, jackets, hats, hoodies, key chains, mugs, and more.  The shop is located in Lobby D of the Colorado Convention Center, near the Bellco Theatre.  Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Question: Can CTU recommend a particular hotel in the Denver area?
Answer: CTU cannot recommend specific hotels. We encourage you to find guest accommodations that best fit your needs and budget. Denver and its suburbs have all types of rooms available. Get hotel information at Visit Denver, the official travel and visitor’s bureau.
Question: Do I need to rent a car to get around Denver? What about other transportation options?

For many graduates and guests, a rental car may not be necessary. RTD’s A-Line train provides direct service between Denver International Airport and downtown Denver’s Union Station. 

In addition to the extensive public transit network, Denver has bike-share, car-share, and ride-share options, and more. Taxi cabs, pedi-cabs, e-Tuks, Uber, Lyft, Car2Go, horse-drawn-carriage, and scooters are just some of the many options available. Click here for more details.

Question: What parking options are available downtown? How about at the Bellco Theatre?

The Colorado Convention Center is located directly downtown, so there are many options available. If you are planning to drive your own car or decide to rent a car, plan ahead for parking. While parking meters are available, they are often subject to strict time limits. Surface lots and parking garages are available and rates will vary.

Garage parking is available for a fee at the Colorado Convention Center (enter at the corner of Speer Boulevard and Champa Street). Pay kiosks are located near the elevators and accept cash and major credit cards. All levels of the garage provide elevator access down to Lobby D and the Bellco Theatre. For more parking information, click here.  

Question: My family and I are thinking of extending our stay in Denver. What other activities are available in the Denver area?
Answer: Many graduates often extend their trips to explore the Denver metro area. The city has many things to offer, such as arts and science museums, galleries, historic sites, Broadway musicals, open-air concerts, outdoor movies, sporting events, award-winning restaurants, and much more. Just a short drive from downtown, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains have much to explore, including day hikes, kayaking, scenic drives, buffalo herds, zip-lines, rock climbing and countless other adventures. Plan your stay at Visit Denver, the official travel and visitor’s bureau.
Question: Is altitude sickness real? What can I do to avoid it while in Denver?
Answer: Altitude sickness can be a real and serious condition. It usually occurs above 8,000 feet above sea level; however, the ailment can occur below 5,000 feet. It's important to remain properly hydrated, so drink lots of water. If you are concerned about altitude sickness, it is wise to consult your physician. More helpful tips and information on high altitude and altitude sickness can be found here. Also, Denver receives over 300 days of sun, plus there is about 25 percent less protection from the sun at this altitude. Remember to pack and apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses.
Question: Can I book my flight to Denver for the ceremony?
Answer: You may make travel arrangements once you complete the registration process and receive a confirmation email from Cvent. All graduates and guests are responsible for their own transportation to Denver, Colorado for the graduation ceremony.
Question: What is the closest airport to the to the Bellco Theatre?

The Bellco Theatre is located 24 miles from the Denver International Airport.  

Question: Are discounts available to local activities in Denver.

Yes. Please use the following link to search for discounts. This link is frequently updated by Visit Denver?