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 CLICK HERE to enter conference

Conference registration required to enter conference

Tips for the virtual environment:

  • Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge as your browser
  • Download zoom before the meeting, the invited speakers will be presenting through a zoom meeting.  Click here to go to Zoom.
  • Watch the welcome video when you enter the virtual environment on day 1

What you will see in the virtual lobby

Screenshot_2020-12-11 2020 High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Conference(1)

Video Voting Instructions

Don't forget to vote!

Poster Video Votin Instructions 

How to add to briefcase

The virtual environment will require all registered attendees to create a profile before Monday 12/14/2020. If you have not done so, please go to: to create your virtual profile. Create your virtual profile with the email you used to register for the conference.

During the conference attendees will login to conference using the instructions given after the virtual profile is created. Attendees will enter the virtual lobby, where they will see different areas where they can go. The invited talks (the start of the conference) will happen in the auditorium.

Below you will find videos providing additional information.

Features of the Virtual Event Environment

Public Chat in the Virtual Event Environment

Registering in the Virtual Event Environment

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