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  • The speakers will be answering questions following their videos in a live zoom.  The connection to zoom will happen upon entering the auditorium.  If you are not redirected to a zoom link, check your settings to make sure popups are allowed for the website. 
  • The invited speakers will become panelists during their designated times.  The speaker does not have to do anything after they get into the zoom, the zoom team will mange the changes in status during the virtual talks. Once the speakers status has changed to a panelist they will be able to un-mute themselves for the Q & A portion. 
  • A member of the local organizing committee will moderate each session.  They will introduce the speakers, then the zoom team will start the prerecorded video.  After the video the speaker will have 5 min for a live Q & A session.  The moderator will read the questions from the chat box for the speaker to answer. 
  • Invited speakers, log into the conference with enough time to ensure you can connect to zoom.  If you are having problems connecting go to the  virtual help desk for assistance.

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