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 Congratulations to the winners of the awards for innovative presentations presented during the HTPD 2020 virtual conference!

A. Rosenthal
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T. Trimino Mora
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D. Moseev
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J. Ko
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J-W. Juhn
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B. Victor
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S. Nagel
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HTPD2020 Prize for Innovation in Scientific Communication

The organizing and executive committees of the High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Conference aim to recognize participants who rise to the challenges of our current situation and excel in delivering a rich and engaging presentation in the online conference format.

The challenges of our times can be a driver for innovation, and you, the speakers of HTPD2020, can take this opportunity to re-imagine the scientific talk.

We realize, some speakers will prefer to stick to the traditional format of recording a voiceover to their slides. We welcome this approach, but we are excited that some speakers will choose to take their videos to the next level!

Keep it professional and relevant to the highly scientific nature of our conference, but think outside the box. Show us your experiments, demo your instruments, introduce us to your colleagues…take us on a personal tour of your institution’s unique culture!

What have you always wished you could share with your colleagues that the live, in-person format of the past made difficult? Where will you take us now that your audience comes to you?

The pre-recorded presentation will be limited in length to less than 10 minutes.  Please watch our web site for more explicit directions in the next few weeks.

In the spirit of fostering innovation that HTPD has always embodied, the executive committee this year will recognize outstanding presentations with a prize for innovation in adapting to this new mode of professional communication.

Join us at HTPD2020 and show us what an online conference can be!

Criteria for Presentations Award

The Conference Organizing Committee will be making a number of awards for innovative presentations during made at the High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Conference.  The purpose of the awards is to encourage innovative use of the pre-recorded video format available in our virtual conferences.  We ask that each participant vote for their favorite invited talks and posters during the meeting.  The voting process is currently getting developed, more information on the process will be available before the start of the meeting.

The criteria for the award are:
1) Most creative use of the video format
2) Clear and concise communication of the most important content of the presentation 

Note that this award is not for the importance or quality of the technical work, but is for the quality of the presentation.  The winners will be selected by the Local Organizing Committee based on voting by all participants.

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