2020 Hungary IIT


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Eva Rambala
I am in love with this process, called Nonviolent communication (NVC). Practicing it is the greatest improvement in the quality of my life. The idea that I can be honest without criticising gives me much bigger freedom than I have ever imagined having, before I met NVC. Being able to guess the other person’s possible feelings and needs reduces the number of “idiots” around me to zero. I am not saying that empathic guesses are my first thoughts all the time, but sooner or later I will get there.
So, I experience much more freedom and safety.

I discovered this approach in 1996. Ever since I have been committed to use it in every aspect of my life: handling conflicts in my family in an honest and loving way, working effectively and in a compassionate manner, taking full responsibility for my actions and thoughts, taking meaningful actions and contributing to the best of my ability to social change.

In 1999, I quit my business job and started my career as an NVC trainer. In 2000, I became an authorized trainer of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). I worked closely with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of CNVC, for 5 years, on a couple of hundred trainings.

Since 2000, I have been serving as Eastern European project coordinator of CNVC. In this role, my task is to support the creation and strengthening of Eastern European NVC teams and to train the local NVC trainers. The projects are not coordinated by CNVC anymore, but my heart is still in sharing NVC in this region.

I have worked in more than 35 countries, for various companies, open groups, in orphanages, universities, schools, prisons, hospitals, “train the trainer” programs, spiritual communities.
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Carl Plesner
Carl curiously explores and practices ways of peaceful conflict resolution. This journey has lasted 10 years, and has brought him to many different conflicts in various roles, always seeking a deeper understanding of violence and what it takes to end and/or prevent it. He worked as a part time restorative justice facilitator for Danish police, facilitating reconciliation processes for victims and offenders. In parallel he worked with school classes suffering from bullying and general tension between teachers, parents and students.
In 2014 he participated in the revolution for dignity in Ukraine. He joined the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe(www.osce.org) in Ukraine as a Dialogue Facilitation Officer working to reduce tensions in a country at war. Today Carl is lead trainer in the Peace Engineers School (https://peaceengineers.com/en/) in Ukraine, where he lives and works together with his wife. The school carefully selects, and intensively trains Ukrainians for 1-year, full time, to become specialists in peaceful conflict resolution.
Carl is a certified trainer in NVC since 2012, and also a certified Crisis and Hostage Negotiator since 2018. Carl has experience in peaceful conflict intervention in cases of domestic violence, gang violence, violence committed by the mentally ill, police violence, and insurgency. His mission is to enable his two daughters at 9 and 11 to grow up in a world less violent than the one he grew up in. He lives in Denmark with his daughters for 10 days of every month.
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Hagit Lifshitz
I started my professional carrier as a police officer, working as a Social Welfare Officer and Educational Officer, creating, directing and facilitating programs for police officers in Human Rights, Ethics, Democracy, Human-Relations & Effective Communication.
I met Marshall Rosenberg in 1996 and was trained by him for a full intensive year, while running his intensive NVC project with the Israel Police.

I am certified with CNVC and have extensive field experience, working with Palestinians and Israelis in conflict situations, facilitating processes of dialogue, with multi-cultural and multinational conflicting groups, including 10 international residential trainings and 3 International Intensive NVC Trainings (IIT’s).

I have a long term experience in conflict transformation and mediation, as a consultant for schools, couples, individuals and groups.

Co-founder and director of Mifgash (Encounter) For Conflict Transformation.

Editor and host of the radio show “On Wolves and Giraffes – Peace Is Not Only Politics” at All-For-Peace Palestinian-Israeli Radio.

I practice meditation and am active with groups to promote inner peace and peace in the world.
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Chris Rajendram
I met Marshall in 1996 while pursuing my studies on communication at the Ohio State University. I was searching for something that could help my war torn country and the war weary people.
At the very first session with Marshall, it became very clear that I had found the teachings that I was looking for. I immediately started integrating the learnings of NVC into my life. NVC became my life. It lit up my life from every corner. I learned to be present. I continue to learn to be present….