Meet Ups

Build an expanded network with cohorts as you step forward in your career and meet up with the experts and peers at three sessions.

The final gathering will be at the Hotel Indigo in Traverse City, where one-night accommodations and meals are included in registration.

June 18, 2020 | Think Space, Lansing

Leading Yourself

To effectively lead others, it is necessary to first understand yourself, including preferences and tendencies, and emotional intelligence. You must also know what others think of your leadership style – what they would like to see more of, and less of, to improve your performance as a leader.

The program focuses on vertical development, the stages through which we improve, as opposed to just horizontal development or competencies. This development is not a function of the Human Resources department, but is an individual responsibility. The program will help you own your development, and to get out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat of your career.

As part of the program, you will complete personality inventory assessments, as well as participate in a comprehensive 360 feedback process. You will work directly with an executive coach who will help you understand the results, what they say about your preferences and tendencies, and how others perceive you. Together with your coach you will build an individual development plan. 

  • Personality Inventory Review
  • Self-Awareness
  • Career Stallers
  • Leading with Purpose
  • Own Your Own Development
  • The Four Unexpected Qualities of Great Leaders
  • Developing Your Plan


August 18, 2020 | Think Space, Lansing

Leading Others

Once we have established a foundation of knowledge about ourselves, and applied that knowledge in the real world, we are prepared to become better leaders of others. Leading others includes delivering effective and timely feedback, turning discord into productive conflict and remaining inclusive. The program includes applicable methods and new techniques to improve your ability to lead multi-dimensional teams, inspiring commitment and motivating others. We will also continue our focus on the credit union industry by sharing ways to constructively critique strategy and analyze data.

As an executive, you do not only lead individuals, you lead other leaders. You will learn the importance of building an effective leadership pipeline within your organization that reaches beyond simple succession planning. You will help others take control of their own development by learning effective ways to mentor and coach others, culminating in the building of an Individual Development plan for one or more of your employees.

  • Leading Today
  • The Leadership Pipeline
  • Expectations and Diagnostics
  • SBI Feedback
  • Leading Multi-Dimensional Teams
  • Coaching
  • Talent Assessment

September 20-21, 2020 | Hotel Indigo, Traverse City

Leading the Organization

Effective leaders are also fluent in their industry’s mechanics beyond their personal, functional areas of expertise. In other words, you need to deeply understand what makes credit unions unique, and have multi-dimensional perspectives on our business. We focus on operational topics that will help you run your business better, including management of the board of directors.

In addition, you will learn how to focus energy on changing the business for the better. How to be action-oriented and decisive, recognizing and accepting the appropriate risks and how to think systematically and strategically. You will focus on change management – both in identifying the need and sparking change, as well as leading the change in a way that inspires commitment from the organization. We will also focus on setting effective strategy, establishing vision and goals and will introduce a helpful tool called the strategy map.

Finally, and critically, you will understand the need for establishing a leadership pipeline inside your organization. A systematic approach to continual development of your talent that will help your credit union thrive in this volatile business environment. By genuinely focusing on leading yourself, leading others and leading the organization, you will break through barriers and elevate performance.

  • Leadership Pipeline & Proficiencies
  • Vision, Alignment & Execution
  • Strategy Development
  • Voice of the Member and Employee
  • Effective Employee Management
  • Change Management
  • Design Thinking

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