• Wednesday, August 12, 2020
    1:00 pm  -  1:30 pm
    Delegate Assembly: Opening Ceremony


    • Opening Ceremony
      • Introductions
      • Announcements
    • Opening Reports
      • Credentials
      • Adoption of Standing Rules
    • Adoption of Agenda
    • Report of the Leadership Succession Committee
      • Presentation of the 2020 Slate of Candidates
      • Nominations from Floor


    1:30 pm  -  1:40 pm
    President's Address
    Julia George, MSN, RN, FRE
    President, NCSBN Board of Directors
    CEO, North Carolina Board of Nursing
    1:40 pm  -  1:50 pm
    CEO's Address
    David C. Benton, RGN, PhD, FFNF, FRCN, FAAN
    1:50 pm  -  2:55 pm
    Candidate Forum
    Sara Griffith, MSN, RN
    Chair, Leadership Succession Committee
    Regulation Consultant, North Carolina Board of Nursing

    Support NCSBN and your fellow NCSBN members. Attend the Candidate Forum to hear from the nominees for NCSBN elected office.
    2:55 pm  -  3:40 pm
    Committee Forums
    Finance Committee
    Adrian Guerrero
    Treasurer, NCSBN Board of Directors
    Director of Operations, Kansas State Board of Nursing

    APRN Compact Forum
    Rebecca Fotsch, JD
    Director, State Advocacy, NCSBN

    3:40 pm  -  4:10 pm
    4:10 pm  -  4:20 pm
    Delegate Assembly: Election Results
    4:20 pm  -  5:00 pm
    Delegate Assembly

    New business and closing ceremonies.