2020 Pacific VIT

Basic Information Sheet

Center for Nonviolent Communicationsm
USA - Pacific, October 30 - November 8, 2020


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Discover skills that will help you improve the quality of your relationships, deepen your inner peace, and increase your contribution in the world.

Join us to be part of a compassionate community learning together how to speak from the heart;

practice deep, nonjudgmental listening; and build self empowerment from the inside out.  

This event is a 10-day virtual training designed as an "immersion experience" in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) led by a team of experienced CNVC certified trainers.

The purpose is to offer you the opportunity to live the process of NVC in community over an extended period of time, in order to develop the mindsets and practical tools to help you in three areas:


1. Personal and Professional Relationships

  • Increase connection and closeness with the people you love.
  • Speak in a way that inspires compassion and understanding.
  • Initiate difficult conversations with more ease and confidence.
  • Remain centered and peaceful when receiving difficult messages.
  • Express and receive anger fully, safely and respectfully... yet powerfully.
  • Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal painful relationships.
  • Parent children from the heart and move beyond power struggles into cooperation.
  • Translate criticism, judgments and blame into life-serving messages.

2.  Inner Transformation

  • Shift patterns of thinking that lead to depression, guilt and shame and perpetuate pain.
  • Transform anger into self-understanding, thereby increasing inner peace.
  • Enliven yourself by expressing and receiving gratitude.
  • Learn to embody unconditional love.

3.  Contribution and Social Change

  • Teach others a way to increase inner peace, liberate themselves and strengthen relationships.
  • Share NVC in a ways that contains/transmits it’s power to transform and that inspires others.
  • Create educational systems where students love learning and teachers love teaching.
  • Learn to engage in effective, lasting nonviolent social change in the tradition of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

We intend to prioritize these three areas within the VIT curriculum and there is also room for co-creation. There will be opportunities for you to make requests for specific topics that you imagine will support you in applying NVC in these areas of your life.

Seminar Language: English.

Trainer Team:

Full bios in the trainer tab in the menu on the left

Kirsten Kristensen Jim & Jori Manske Mary Mackenzie, M.A Yuko & Go Goto
Kirsten Kristensen (Denmark)
Jim & Jori Manske (USA)
Mary Mackenzie, M.A (USA)
Yuko & Go Goto (Japan)

Venue: NVC Academy

They will be hosting you on their online platform.


We will be saving a lot of CO2 footprints by being online. 6,000 lbs or more.


You will be able to choose you personal favorite location. We highly recommend you find a place where you will be able to focus on you. A comfortable spot with high speed internet and a computer.


Schedule in Pacific Timezone: find your local time here

 Every day (except November 3, Election Day (optional day), Daylight savings ends November 1)








Training Sessions




Break, Home Groups, etc




Community Session (whole group; trainers present)




Break, Home Groups, etc




Training Sessions


VIT Fees (for 9-day training): The tuition fee (payable in US Dollars to CNVC) - as outlined in the tables below. 

Tuition Rates Total Fee
Full Tuition $1,700USD
Certification Candidate  - 15% off full tuition if registered with a Assessor $1,445USD

Tuition Reduction Requests: The due date for Tuition Reduction Applications for this VIT is October 15, 2020 

How to register:

  1. Click on Register below to fill out the online VIT Application Form send Register buttonat least a $100 payment is in US Dollars to CNVC.
  2. Applications sent before September 30th, 2020 need to include full or partial payment, with a minimum of $100. The balance is due on September 30th, 2020. For applications sent on or after September 30th, 2020 please include all fees
  3. CNVC and organizer team usually acknowledges your application within 5 business days; please contact the IIT department if you did not receive an acknowledgement within this time.

For questions please contact the IIT Department at +1 505-244-4041 or email at iit@cnvc.org or contact the local organizer of the Pacific VIT:

Rodger Sorrow, mobile 805-452-8874, rodgerhsorrow@gmail.com



  • When

  • Friday, October 30, 2020 - Sunday, November 8, 2020
    10:00 - 14:00
    Pacific Time

  • Where

  • Virtual

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