2020 Quality Texas Training Sessions

2020 Quality Texas Training Sessions

The Quality Texas Foundation is offering the following training sessions. You may register for one or more of the training sessions when you begin the registration process. The training sessions are continually changing based upon the latest information, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Relationships, Workforce Engagement, and are targeted to address the questions embedded in the Quality Texas Foundation Programs or the National Baldrige Program. These training sessions contain information from Harvard Business Review and the Sloan MIT Management Review along with a variety of sources to include continuous improvement books, articles, and websites. All of the training sessions mentioned below are transportable and can be specifically tailored and conducted at the organization for maximum learning. 

SINGLE SESSION REGISTRATION: The fee for each Single Session registration is $750.

GROUP REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: Sending a group of 10 or more people? Register 10 or more participants and pay the discounted rate of $650 per training session.  Please email Lin Wrinkle-McGuire for Group Registration discount information.



PRE-EXAMINER TRAINING - 3 Days: This training is designed for individuals new to using the Baldrige Excellence Framework (Categories 1 – 7). The participant will receive a slow walk through the criteria, hands-on experience of evaluating the criteria and time for questions and answers as to how to use the criteria in their organizational and personal lives. This slow-paced training should enable those who are new to the Baldrige Framework to understand the linkage and alignment necessary to write an application.

INTERNAL COACH/EXAMINER TRAINING - 3 Days: The Internal Coach/Examiner training is redesigned as an introduction or refresher for participants in how to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework. If writing an application, the organization should send around 5 -7 people to this training; WE teach the test! A current application with a feedback report will be evaluated against the Baldrige Framework during training.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING I - 3 Days [4.0 UPDATED]:  This training provides an organization-wide look into how leaders lead an organization (Category 1). It is designed for anyone who is in a leadership position from CEO/Superintendent level to aspiring leaders who are not yet in a leadership position. Based on the book “Beacons of Light on Leadership,” the session provides an organization-wide look into how an organization leads. Real case studies, videos, and breakouts make this training both entertaining and informative. The training also includes specific tools and resources for equipping an Internal Coach on how to successfully implement the Baldrige Framework within your organization. (Note: Leadership Development Training I is not a pre-requisite for Leadership Development Training II.  You may register for either training session in the order in which you prefer).

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT TRAINING II - 3 DaysAre you equipped to lead in the 21st century? In today's rapidly changing culture, old approaches to leadership will be unsuccessful for viable, 21st-century results. Focused on Category 1, QTF is announcing a new 3-day training designed to take individuals to higher levels of leadership proficiency. Join us in discovering: How to take charge as a leader and maximize group effort through the prioritization of work, the 10 steps to developing you as a leader, and mentoring, coaching and counseling: when to do which one. Based upon the latest research Day 1 focuses on maximizing group effort and prioritizing work. Real-life case studies will help you learn what it means to take charge, especially if you have been a worker and now you are a leader. Day 2 focuses on developing you as a leader, helping you identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Day 3 highlights the difference between mentoring, coaching and counseling and when and how to use these tools effectively. You will learn ways to implement the most critical characteristics of an aspiring leader. (Note: Leadership Development Training I is not a pre-requisite for Leadership Development Training II.  You may register for either training session in the order in which you prefer).

STRATEGIC PLANNING TRAINING - 3 Days [3.0 - UPDATED)]: This 3-day training is designed to stretch the organization and help participants understand the major reason to accomplish strategic planning systematically (Category 2). Some of the latest research regarding how to conduct effective strategic planning will be reviewed along with specific definitions. It is recommended that each organization send 5 to 7 people. Topics include a review of the culture, what is a strategy, the importance of a dynamic vision, discussion of what we do now (mission), and how to determine the appropriate goals for the organization overall, and cascading deployment to subordinates. The final day discusses the role of Personal Strategic Planning in organizational effectiveness. This event is highly interactive with opportunities to work with your group and improve current strategic planning proficiency.

CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING - 3 Days 1.0 - : Is improving customer service by 10-20% of important to your organization? Are you interested in the latest information about the Top Ten Customer Service Habits that all organizations must master? This new 3-day training session focuses on Category 3 of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and includes the Absolute Keys to Effective Customer Service across all sectors (for-profit/non-profit business, education, government, and healthcare). It will help your organization understand customer needs, how to frame realistic expectations, and implement the four key skills for those dealing with customers; 1) Technical, 2) Interpersonal, 3) Product/Service Knowledge, and finally, 4) Customer Knowledge. As part of your Baldrige journey, explore the importance of customer segmentation and how addressing problems, discovering potential customers, designing appropriate product/service offerings intuitively, building effective customer relationships, maximizing customer complaints, and use of the Voice-of-the-Customer data to improve performance and enhance training.

WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT TRAINING - 3 days [1.0 - Initial Offering]: Are you implementing effective strategies for engaging employees who are burned out? Are you a supervisor needing fresh insights on how to help your employees stay engaged? Do you truly understand how to address the key engagement factors of your workforce? Are you preparing to coach your team through an organizational or departmental change and need better tools on how to build, reinforce, and anchor a great workplace culture? Are you tired of being unsuccessful in hiring the right internal candidates for future leadership roles, or frustrated in your ability to determine why great employees quit and what to do about it? Do you know how to hire for talent?  These are a few of the questions and topics that will be addressed during our new Workforce Engagement 3-day training which is designed to bring organizations up to date with the latest research and fact-based information (Category 5).

*NOTE: The Quality Texas Foundation reserves the right to cancel any training session 45 days prior to its start date if there are less than 30 registrants for that particular session.
All credit card payment methods are temporarily disabled due to COVID-19. If you would like to make a payment for registration using a credit card, please email Lin Wrinkle-McGuire, or call her directly at (512) 818-3901. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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