ALD Vacuum TEch

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ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, located in Hanau, Germany - a company with a long and rich tradition, is the leading global supplier of processes and services in the field of vacuum process technology. With its matured technological specialties – vacuum metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment, ALD is a strong partner of important and growing branches of industry. To the rapid rise in the titanium industry, ALD vacuum metallurgical equipment makes outstanding contributions. The processes are mainly employed for the production of special steels, high-temperature alloy, refractory and reactive metals (tantalum, niobium, titanium and zirconium) and their alloys which meet the requirements on the properties and performance of these advanced remelted materials of the aerospace, power generation, defense, medical and nuclear industries. ALD is company of the AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N. V., Netherlands.


China Huaxia

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CSM Tech Co., Ltd
CSM Tech Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of titanium, nickel & nickel alloy, stainless steel/duplex & supper duplex with forms at sheet/plate, seamless tube/pipe, bar/rod,wire, welded pipe, seamless & welded fitting, flange, valve, clad material etc. With the logo CSM (China Special Metal), we hope to be the best one of special metal manufacturer in China. CSM always treat the quality as our life, CSM invest the quality and future. CSM material have been widly used in oil&gas industry, chemical industry, construction industy,sports industry etc, many big companies in these field have approved CSM material. CSM took the pride in CSM titanium sheet used in 2012 London Olympic Village deceration, CSM has the mission to be the enterprise to improve the position of Chinese titanium products in the international market.



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ELG Utica Alloys
ELG Utica Alloys is one of the world's leading specialists in sourcing, processing, and supplying high-performance alloys and metals. It has over 50 years experience in providing services to its customers, leveraging its expertise in these materials to add significant value to their revert cycle.
As part of its core business Titanium is a main focus, working with OEM's, Mills, Forgers, and Machining facilities globally.


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Grandis Titanium
GRANDIS TITANIUM COMPANY is a Major Worldwide Supplier of titanium products, such as Titanium Sponge, Titanium Ingots, Titanium Bars & Billets, Titanium Sheets, Titanium Plates, Titanium Wire & Tubes. Fe-Ti & Scrap Division supplies 70% Ferro-Titanium and prepares and supplies Titanium Scrap. Main warehouse is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and sales and representative offices in Glenmont (Ohio), Albany (Oregon), Shanghai (China), Ekaterinburg (Russia), and Seoul (South Korea), along with warehouses facilities and stock in Paramount (CA) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).
GRANDIS TITANIUM maintains inventory of more than one thousand tons of Titanium Products to assure immediate shipment of titanium to customers.


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Perryman Company
Perryman Company is a vertically integrated producer of specialty titanium products. From melting, forging, and fabrication to finished product, Perryman's quality and technical expertise is unmatched. Our Spectralloy facility is engaged in the recycling of titanium revert raw material for use in various titanium melt processes in the manufacture of titanium ingots. Perryman supplies and services customers in the aerospace, medical, consumer, and recreation markets worldwide. Approvals include ISO9001:2008; AS9100, and NADCAP. Perryman Company is headquartered in Houston, Pennsylvania. Company offices are located in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, London, Zurich, Tokyo, and Xi'an.


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Supra Alloys, a Division of Titan Metal Fabricators
Supra Alloys/Edge International with locations in California and Ohio is an AS 9100 2016, ISO 9001 C & ISO-13485:2016 certified stocking distributor of Titanium mill products for Aerospace, Medical & Industrial applications & specializing in medical grade Cobalt-alloys &  Stainless Steels with value-added processing services for the manufacture of implants and instruments for the orthopedic, spine and trauma markets. We work with customers throughout the world to provide cost-effective solutions to their raw material needs to ensure the highest level of compliance, quality and service.



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T. I. (Titanium Industries, Inc.)
T.I. is the global leader in performance metal solutions for the aerospace, medical, industrial and oil & gas markets. Holding the world’s most complete inventory of performance metals across a global service center network, T.I. delivers supply chain solutions at all levels of sophistication and complexity. With a globally experienced and technically drive team, T.I. has been providing dependable quality driven solutions to customers for over 40 years.


Timet 2013 Updated Version 2 Color
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TIMET, Titanium Metals Corporation
TIMET is a leading integrated producer of titanium mill and melted products, sponge, and powder with manufacturing locations and sales offices in the U.S. and Europe. Products manufactured are used in jet engine, airframe, military, industrial, and additive manufacturing applications. TIMET has three service center locations in the U.S. and two in Europe to facilitate customer service. TIMET also has extensive titanium fabrication facilities in Gerenzano, Italy.



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Tricor Metals
We are a woman-owned, small business with facilities in Wooster, OH, Conroe, TX, Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA with over 25 years’ experience in the supply of titanium mill products, titanium forgings and fabrication of ASME Code equipment for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, aerospace, and bio-medical served markets.

We provide quick-ship service center sales and processing of ASTM and AMS grades of titanium mill products and titanium forgings. We also design and build fabricated process equipment built with the most advanced corrosion resistant metals, provide reactive metal and high alloy welding repair services, and supply high performance welding wire.

Our fabrication and distribution facilities are in Wooster, Ohio and Conroe, Texas. We also operate technical sales facilities in Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA.

Titanium mill products & custom forgings
We maintain one of the world’s most complete inventories of titanium mill products in ASTM grades for corrosion including sheet, plate, pipe, fittings, bar, billet, wire, tubing, and fasteners. And we maintain staged billets for custom forgings. We offer advanced processing including water jet cutting, saw cutting, and shearing. We provide custom parts manufacturing and just-in-time inventory for ‘blanket’ order processing to meet our customer’s needs. We stock AMS-grades of titanium sheet, plate, bar and billet for aerospace and bio-medical served markets.



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voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche GmbH & Co KG
voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche GmbH & Co KG is a world-leading producer of single cross rolled sheets and plates of steel and special alloys. The product range varies from tool and high speed steel to special materials for the energy, oil & gas and aerospace industry. Within the special material segment super austenitic and super duplex steels with high demands on corrosion and heat resistance, nickel and nickel base alloys for even higher demands and titanium and titanium alloys are manufactured.

voestalpine BÖHLER Bleche offers CP titanium and titanium alloys from western world sponge production only, and possesses all required production facilities for rolling, heat treatment, levelling including vacuum creep flattening and surface finish, on site, ensuring highest quality and product standards.




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Xi'an Metals & Minerals
We are one of leading manufacturers and distributors of Tungsten, Molybdenum and Titanium products in China. Apart from processing traditional materials, we also develop new products with the help of high technologies. Relying on years of experiences, advanced technologies, quality equipments, highly efficient manufacture and standard management, we have established a comprehensive system of research, manufacture and marketing of Tungsten, Molybdenum and Titanium products, which are widely used in radiation shield, vacuum plating, illumination, metallurgy, IT, electronic, power, aviation, sports, glass, chemical and mechanical industries etc. Our products, well known for their excellent properties, have been approved by various international authoritative institutions and have been supplied to customers in many countries.



Zhejiang Shenji

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Zhejiang Shenji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2008. With the development and implementation of advanced production facilities and innovative technologies, the company has become one of the leading professional producers of titanium products in china, specializing in sheets and plates, bars and wires, tubes and pipes, and forgings. The company’s main production facilities include a reversible hot rolling mill, a 1.4-metre, 4-high reversible cold rolling mill, as well as associated normalizing and heating furnaces and straightening facilities. The company can supply customized sizes according to clients’ specific requirements, and offer thin sheets in cold rolled width up to 1,250mm. Shenji Titanium is certified to ISO 9001 and PED 97/23/EC, and our titanium products are widely used in many sectors and for many applications including heat exchanger, condenser, power generation, chemical & petrochemical, engines, medicial, and sports.

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