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Discounts and Incentives

Discounts and Incentives

Discount Code Usage

The ITA offers incentives for the TITANIUM events.  Exhibitor companies will receive complimentary registration coupons with the purchase of exhibition kiosk space at the event.  The number of discount coupons is based on the number of kiosks reserved and is calculated by the ITA after you have registered for your booth.

The discount coupon's will be sent to the representative responsible for booking the kiosk space to be distributed to delegates that will be attending the event after payment is received for the reserved exhibition space.

The discount code coupon can be used by the exhibiting company to send employees to man the exhibition booth, for staff to attend presentation and sessions, or can be provided to customers or partners that the exhibiting company would like to invite.  Discount code coupons can be given to customers or can be given to anyone the exhibiting company would like to attend.

  • Discount code coupons are non-refundable and must be used at the time of registration and are not usable for retroactive registration application and refunds.
  • Discount code coupons do not roll-over and must be used for the event in which the exhibition space is reserved.
  • Discount code coupons are transferable.If a discount code is applied to a registration and that person can no longer attend, the registration can be substituted to another individual, in which case the discount would also transfer.

Discounts vs Incentives

The ITA is also offering incentives for delegates staying at the Event hotel.  We are offering $100 off your registration if you reserve a hotel room at the event venue hotel and enter your reservation confirmation number into your conference registration.

Please note that if you are using a complimentary registration code, the discount room reservation discount ($100) does not apply. 

Delegates are only allowed to use one discount code per registration.

Payments and Cancellations

Payment Schedule

Payment for exhibition space must be received in full 30 days from the date of completing your space reservation. Space rental must be paid in full to be listed in the show directory.

Please note: if payments are not received in full by the due date, the exhibition booth space may be released, formal notice from the ITA will be provided before this occurs to offer a last chance to secure the space.

Cancellation Policy:  

Cancellations must be received, in writing no later than December 1, 2019 to receive partial refund (50%).  There are no refunds for cancellations received after December 1, 2019Please be advised the cancellation policy also applies to Entry Visa declines.

Exhibitor Services

Show Directory and Website Listings

Each exhibitor is listed in our show guide as well as on the website.  Each listing contains a color logo and company description display.  The Exhibiting companies contact is responsible for submitting their preferred logo and company description for this listing.

The ITA will contact the exhibiting company to collect this information or it may be provided during the reservation process. 

All logos and descriptions are due 30 days prior to the event to ensure inclusion in the guide.

Exhibitor Services

Freeman is the official exhibitor services company for the ITA.  The ITA strongly encourages all exhibitors to go through Freeman for the exhibition needs.  If an exhibitor chooses to use a different company or decides to ship exhibition booth and materials by other means, the ITA cannot guarantee items will arrive on time or to the correct location therefore the ITA cannot be responsible for items and materials not handled through freeman.

Service Kits

Service kits will be sent to all paid exhibitors prior to the event so that exhibitors can arrange freight services, rent furniture, etc.  Deadlines for exhibitor services will be noted in the exhibitor kit.

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