2020 South Germany IIT


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Frank Gaschler
I am a CNVC certified trainer and assessor in the certification process of the CNVC.
My current passion revolves around the 4 life themes: To be welcome - without having to do anything for it, to have a space for which I can also stand up, to be held in trust instead of having to control and be alive instead of fulfilling others' life dreams.

My passion is to experiment with NVC outside the box, far away from the boundaries of words and language. Therefore I like to concentrate on intuition, empathic presence and body language.

My social change project "Giraffe Dream" aims at introducing and spreading NVC in kindergartens and primary schools. This program has become the biggest social change project in this field.
I live with Gundi, my wife, near Munich, Germany.
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Deniz Spatar
I was a kid in the Turkey of late 1970s and early 1980s, where political polarization was increasing day by day and terror attacks were becoming a daily reality. This political situation led to a military coup. Witnessing and being directly exposed to all this, I tried my best to find an active way to work for peace. Beginning from 1986, I participated actively in the system change movement. What I realized after many years was a disappointment: I had been complaining about violence but my actions themselves were creating some kind of violence against myself as well as against others.

Getting aware of this, I focused on literature and wrote a short story book which was published. I worked as a journalist and then as a PR expert to earn my life. Besides, I explored Yoga, meditation, body therapies and family constellation. I attended more than 1500 hrs of yoga teacher training courses including Yoga Therapy.
In 2013 while I was trying to understand what "ahimsa" is, I came across Vivet Alevi’s (that time the only NVC trainer in Turkey) yearly training program. Since 2013, I am on my NVC pathway which gives me the opportunity to find a balance between self development and social change. In 2016, I quit my corparate job to dedicate my time to contributing the formation of a NVC community in Turkey. I have been sharing NVC via exercise groups and trainings since then. I am a member of the Nonviolent Communication Turkey Association since 2015 and I was certified by CNVC in 2018.

I feel very alive when I can serve to adults who work with kids (especially in vulnerable areas). I am very passionate about reconciliation of collective traumas. I am one of the dreamers and co-founders of a NVC radio program and also one of the dreamers and co-founders of a NVC publishing house.
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Yoram Mosenzon
I am a CNVC certified trainer and Mediator, originally from Israel and now based in Amsterdam. I learned about Nonviolent Communication in 2001, at the time I was a dancer and a choreographer. I continued to study and practice Nonviolent Communication, and in 2008 I decided to dedicate all my time and energy to living and teaching Nonviolent Communication. I offer workshops and as well as year long courses in Nonviolent Communication, both nationally and internationally in the Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Ireland, and more.
My focus lies on the Embodiment of NVC. NVC for me is ‘taking my Meditation cushion into real life’. My whole being is focused on my relation to people, my teaching navigates in the subtle delicacy of figuring out ‘what’s going on between and within people’ moment by moment. I see my skills being in ‘The Art of Dialogue’, ‘Intimate Relationships’, ‘Connecting with Children’, ‘Radical Honesty’ and ‘Radical Empathy’.
In 2016 I co-founded the Democratic NVC school in Amsterdam - ‘L.I.F.E’ (Learning In Free Environment)’ - for children age 4 to 16 years old.
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Farrah Baut- Carlier
I am Belgian of Indian origin and I work and live in Luxembourg, with my husband and our three children. I am a professional translator (fluent in French and English, haven’t practiced German for a long time ☺, and understand some Spanish and Dutch). Coming from two very different backgrounds, I am passionate about diversity and cultures and see NVC as the common denominator for peace between all human beings.

I took my first NVC workshop in 1999, and met Marshall Rosenberg in Switzerland in 2003. I then served as his interpreter on several IITs when Marshall came to Switzerland and Belgium until 2008. I also translated numerous NVC books into French. I became a CNVC certified trainer in 2009 and joined the Francophone assessors team, A-Certif (www.cnv-certification.com ) in 2011. I am dedicated to making NVC trainings accessible to distant communities around the world, including - or especially - in areas where there are no local trainers (Africa, the French Pacific, West Indies, …).

After having worked for 20 years in a European banking institution, I resigned in 2016 to devote most of my time exploring and sharing NVC. I have offered workshops in various settings (organizations, institutions, mixed audiences). In my workshops, I love to explore and practice NVC in such fields as beliefs, the law of attraction, addictions, relationship to food, money, and the use of power. I was also trained in IFS (internal family systems) with Dick Schwartz, who has deeply influenced my approach to self-empathy, healing, and mediation.
Giraf Farrah
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David Weinstock
I am an international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, a Somatic Coach, Aikido instructor, and master goldsmith. My recent book, "Becoming What You Need" and the work that I've developed and present called Somatic Consensus, offer a unique mind/body approach for embodying the art NVC. I lead workshops locally and around the world to a diverse audience of people seeking to connect with the wisdom of the body, deepen their relationships, and find their voices in this rapidly changing world. Woven into my programs are the time-honored lessons of mastery and conflict resolution distilled from the peaceful art of Aikido. I share practices that include the less-emphasized nonverbal realm in which the majority of communication occurs. NVC as a somatic practice synchronizes language, emotion, and action to support a meaningful life that is deeply felt.

My wife, Judith, and I raised our two sons, within an intentional community that we co-founded with 8 other families where consensus and NVC have been practiced since 1990. All of our work - in particular our present organization, Liminal Somatics is dedicated to reclaiming the gifts of community, deepening our connection to one another and stewarding the earth for the sake of securing a more nurturing world for generations to come.