2021 Brazil IIT


There are a lot of people involved in the creation of an IIT.

Starting with the CNVC Staff:

The Ladies you talk with on the phone:


Alison Simari, – Certification Administration

Alison feels privileged to be part of an organization that has a worldwide presence and impact that is committed to social change. She appreciates the many opportunities to learn, grow, and share in the vision and mission of CNVC.

Teresa Fore, Bookstore Manager (with Penny, Office Dog)

Teresa Laguatan

 Teresa has found unexpected sources of fulfillment in being able to converse with customers who are on a similar journey to discovering NVC. She enjoys the prospect of reviewing all the products at CNVC with the aim of being able to provide a personal perspective on the items we have available.

The brain behind all that is IITs:

Danielle Beenders, International Intensive Trainings Coordinator

She speaks Dutch, English, some German and French and is looking forward to serving the worldwide NVC community with their training needs.


CNVC Certified Trainers: You can see who is assigned to this IIT, and find out more about them, by clicking on the Trainer tab.

These skilled and experience trainers have diverse backgrounds, and ensure the depth and quality of the training. All IITs are based on the curriculum that Marshall Rosenberg himself created.

And your very own Local Organizer(s):

These are the individuals in the country the IIT is held who have extended the invitation to have an IIT in their locale. The folks shown below are the people to go to for details about the venue, the best directions to get there and anything to do with the environment you'll be entering. Here they are:

Profile ImageHaasz & Caselato, Yuri & Sandraiitbrasil@sinergiacomunicativa.com.brLocal Organizers