2021 Virtual Fundraising Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there going to be separate virtual events per department?
There is going to be one primary Kickoff event that supplier partners from all departments are able to attend with a holistic Home Depot update and a Foundation presentation on Wednesday, May 5 from 2-4pm ET. There will be a panel discussion including THD executives from various departments during this virtual event.

Is there a fee to attend the virtual events?
There is not a registration fee to attend; however, we are asking for a minimum donation threshold of $3000 per registered individual to attend the Kickoff event.

How do I achieve the minimum donation threshold?
Registration for the 2021 Virtual Fundraising Campaign will open the week of March 22. You will receive an invitation email with a link to the registration site as in previous years. The registration site will have various sponsorship options as well as an open charitable donations option in order for you to select your donation preferences. If you have donated the minimum donation threshold amount prior to May 5, you will receive an email with a personalized link to the virtual event.

What if I want to register as a company and receive one invoice?

We can certainly help you register multiple individuals from your company and combine the totals into one invoice. Please reach out to THDFoundationregistration@homedepot.com for assistance. 

What if I partner with multiple departments across THD?
In 2021, there will be just one registration site for all departments - you will not need to register seperately per event as in previous years. 

Will there be sponsorship packages for 2021 like there have been in previous years?
No, there will not be sponsorship packages for 2021. This year, we wanted our supplier partners to have more flexibility in how you choose to donate to the Foundation. However, we will calculate your total donations for 2021 and you can still achieve a sponsorship tier status that will come with certain recognition that will be outlined on the registration site. The sponsorship tier levels may be different than you have seen in previous years since they had to be consistent across all departments for 2021. 

What are the sponsorship tiers for 2021?
Per the question above, you can achieve sponsorship status based on your total company spend for 2021 as outlined below:
Bronze Sponsorship - $15,000
Silver Sponsorship - $30,000
Gold Sponsorship - $60,000
Platinum Sponsorship - $90,000
Diamond Sponsorship - $150,000
Orange Elite Sponsorship - $200,000

What are the ways that I can donate to achieve these sponsorship levels?
In 2021, there are three main ways to donate. First, you can submit a charitable contribution through the registration site. Second, you can register for a sponsorship through the registration site like one of the Team Depot Give Back options. Third, you can participate in the Live Auction after the Kickoff event in May (date TBD). 

What are the Team Depot Give Back sponsorships?
The Team Depot Give Back sponsorships are new for 2021 and will allow you to direct your donations towards specific causes that may be important to you or your company such as trades training, disaster response or critical home repairs for veterans. They will be outlined on the registration site. 

What is the Live Auction?
Similar to our golf auctions in previous years, we will be holding a live auction after the Kickoff event in May (date TBD) where you can bid on curated networking experiences hosted by THD executives. We will be sharing some teasers of these opportunities on the registration site and during the Kickoff event. There will be a minimum donation threshold of $6000 per registered individual to participate in the auction. 

Will there be a Top Sponsor event in 2021?
Yes, all companies with an annual contribution of $150,000 or more will be recognized as a Top Sponsor. Each company will receive one invitation to an exclusive Top Sponsor event with THD executives in late 2021 (date TBD). The event may be virtual or in-person, environment pending.

Who can I contact with questions?
Please reach out to the Foundation Events Team at THDFoundationregistration@homedepot.com with any questions.

Where can I find more information on the Foundation to share internally at my company?
Please refer to the "About the Foundation" tab of the preview website for a downloadable resource kit with pertinent information on The Home Depot Foundation.

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