The events of the 23rd session of the UNWTO General Assembly will take place on 9–13 September 2019 at several major congress and cultural venues in Saint Petersburg.

Tavricheskiy Palace

Address: 47 Shpalemaya Ulitsa, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The main events of the Assembly programme will take place in the Tavricheskiy Palace.

Tavricheskiy Palace

The Tavricheskiy Palace is an outstanding monument of Saint Petersburg architecture, garden and park art, history and culture. Some of the best architects, painters, decorators, gardeners, sculptors and portrait artists from the 18th through the first half of the 19th century contributed to its creation and transformation. Located in Saint Petersburg’s historic centre, the palace stands next to the Tavricheskiy Garden – one of the city’s most beautiful.

Tavricheskiy Palace_2

The Tavricheskiy Palace offers an ideal blend of an advanced technology platform for the participants to work at and a splendid historic interior. The palace features all the rooms and halls required for holding programme events and for comfortable accommodation of the 23rd session of the UNWTO General Assembly participants.

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library

Address: 3 Senate Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library opened on 27 May 2009 in the historical building of Synod. The architect Carlo Rossi built it in the second quarter of the 19th century. The Presidential Library holds a digital collection of documents on the history, theory and practice of the Russian statehood and the Russian language. The library also is a cultural, educational, scientific and informational-analytical centre. The library is equipped with electronic reading and exhibition halls, conference rooms, and a multifunctional multimedia complex.

Presidential library 

The Presidential Library is located in the centre of Saint Petersburg, next to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, a monument to Peter the Great (known as the Bronze Horseman), the Main Admiralty building and the Moika and Neva River embankments. Travel time from Pulkovo Airport is 40–60 minutes depending on traffic.

Presidential library_2 


ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre

Address: 65/1, Peterburgskoye Shosse, Saint Petersburg, Russia


ExpoForum is a modern convention and exhibition centre built in accordance with the standards of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

A barrier-free environment was created in the pavilions and parking areas of the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre for visitors with limited mobility. The facility is equipped with ramps and lifts that allow unimpeded access to any point of the venue.


Expoforum 2

The travel time from ExpoForum to the historical centre of Saint Petersburg is 30–60 minutes (depending on traffic). The travel time from Pulkovo International Airport to ExpoForum is about 15 minutes.

The ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre is close to Saint Petersburg’s cultural and historic landmarks. Catherine Palace (in Tsarskoe Selo) and Pavlovsk Palace (in Pavlovsk), each complete with park and garden, are just a short distance away. Peterhof State Museum Preserve (in Peterhof) and Konstantinovsky Palace (in Strelna) are both within half an hour’s drive of ExpoForum.