High-level Summit on Innovation and Sustainable Development Tourism

Innovation and Sustainable Development in Tourism will rethink, optimize and demonstrate solutions and approaches that countries could apply to effectively decouple the tourism sector’s growth from resources use, while addressing a range of relevant topics such as the competitiveness of the tourism sector and the criticality of education, innovation and sustainability. It also aims at encouraging dialogue and action, to sensitize decision-makers about raising sustainable transportation policies as a priority for sustainable development and climate action through innovation pathways.

This summit, scheduled on 12 September, brings together distinguished keynote speakers with a demonstrated impact in innovation, education and Artificial Intelligence, the 10 winning start-ups from the Regional UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventures, and a panel of leading experts from the tourism sector.

For any enquiries about the High-Level Summit, please contact:

Innovation Panel

Ms. Nicte-Ha MayvilleAdministrative Associatee-mail: nmayville@unwto.org

Sustainability Panel

Ms. Aghny Arslanian, Technical Coordinatore-mail: aarslanian@unwto.org

Provisional Programme

Download here the provisional programme:  Provisional Programme

Download here the provisional programme:  Provisional Programme