Education, Skills and Jobs

The twenty-third session of the UNWTO General Assembly will be focused on the theme ‘Education and Employment in Tourism, realizing SDG 4 and SDG 8’. Ministers will be invited to discuss the challenges of the Future of Work in Tourism and how the sector can contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goal at the national and global levels, more specifically, SDGs 4 and 8.

Tourism is expected to continue growing in the coming years. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to invest and create quality job opportunities in the tourism sector. The challenge is that, in order to support the expected growth, the sector will need a sufficient, highly qualified and motivated human capital base that meets current and future market demands and, ultimately, enhances the competitiveness and sustainability of tourism destinations.

When planning the development of tourism’s human capital base, it is important also to note that the human capital needs of the tourism sector today are not the same as the human capital needs in 2030. We will see the emergence of new types of tourism businesses, products, services and professions, requiring different competencies, knowledge and personality attributes. Meeting the new demands will require concerted efforts and our Members are invited to share their views and plans on this.