The Summit will begin with presentations from the 10 most disruptive start-ups that are transforming the way people travel and experience tourism. These start-ups represent important drivers of innovation and job creation and were brought together by the 1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition, an initiative launched in June 2018 in collaboration with Globalia. After the presentations, an interactive discussion will focus on their potential impact, business model, team profile, solution uniqueness, feasibility as well as their potential for scalability and overall sustainability.

As innovation and technologies transformed the way we analyze and support evidence-based tourism policies, the following keynote will focus on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle the complex challenges of climate change and help decarbonizing the tourism sector.

UNWTO’s research on global CO2 emissions of the tourism sector and its impacts particularly in the transport sector will be discussed during the ensuing Panel on Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, which will explore how development can be achieved in a context of sustainability using innovative solutions for increased efficiency and acceleration of climate action, and policies based on timely, accurate and relevant information.

Download here the concept note: Concept Note