What our past delegates had to say about COSGA: 


"COSGA is a wonderful convention and amazing networking experience for young professionals. It is fantastic to see the entire event hosted and conducted by fellow students. It is a great experience to share, exchange, and gather feedback on policies, initiatives, and programs. It is a convention where you engage peers, make friends, learn, and of course have fun."
Davante Lewis
Mcneese University
Student Government Association President '12-'14


“I was given the incredible opportunity to attend COSGA 2015 and I can honestly say it was one my fondest college experiences.  There was so much to learn. Talking with other organizations from around the country really gives you an opportunity to take back what you learn to your home school and grow as an organization. At University of Toledo, we have implemented a mentor program for new members after talking to people at COSGA and hearing about similar programs from other schools that had been successful.  For me as a leader, COSGA definitely took things to the next level. I felt more confident, inspired, and ready to be the best leader possible with every second I was at the conference. I believe the impact this experience had on me goes far beyond Student Government.” 

Dakota Ulrich

University of Toledo

Student Government – Appointed Senator – Recording Secretary




“COSGA is a great conference. You become motivated by the speakers, you learn new ideas from the workshops, and you get to network with other college students. You can also get advice from them about different problems your SGA may be experiencing.” 

Katherine E. Roos

Student Government Association President

Orientation Counselor Associate Director



“As a freshman on executive board for the first time, COSGA gave me confidence and a whole new group of people to bounce ideas off of and get new initiatives from. It's a lot of fun, but you also learn so much the entire time.”

Natalie Albright

Student Government Chief Senator

Phi Delta Kappa Inter-Sorority Council Representative


“I attended COSGA while President of Student Council at Missouri University of Science and Technology. What struck me was that the model for the conference gave ownership to those attending. One key principle I learned is that when you organize and lead leaders (as COSGA does), it is a bit like herding cats. You need to be less directive and more participatory than you might in other contexts."

Dr. Andrew Sears, 

COSGA Attendee in 1994

MS&T Student Council President, '94-95

City Vision University President

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