The SECME National Student Engineering Design Competition Finals
and Celebration of Student Success 
(June 25-28)

This “invitation only” opportunity to compete for SECME National Championship titles is offered to Engineering Design: Mousetrap Car middle and high school teams from their respective Region/District/State Competitions. Additionally, a VEX Robotics exhibition/competition is offered to interested middle and high school teams as part of the SECME National Student Engineering Design Competition event. Student teams, their chaperones, and the SECME ExxonMobil Overall Scholar are hosted for several days by the University of Alabama-Birmingham's School of Engineering. The UAB’s School of Engineering will provide on-campus housing, college-life experiences, workshops and much more during the National Student Competition events and Celebration of Success Awards Ceremony.
Who should attend? The SECME Regional/District/State Competition hosts notify the SECME National Office (via certification) of eligible school teams who are then invited to attend. The winning middle and high school Mousetrap Car teams, all VEX Robotics teams, the SECME ExxonMobil Overall Scholar, and their respective chaperones wishing to participate have a closed-invitation process. Click the “Register” button (at the top or bottom) to register student-teams.

Please see the FAQs below for help with the most common questions and concerns. For additional information, please contact Anthony Bowser at the SECME National Office:

Student Competition Events-At-A-Glance

SI 14 Student at a glance_final

Student Competition Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we need to bring our school or SECME banner?

YES. Competing teams have been asked to bring their school or SECME Banner to the National Competition Finals to participate in the “Parade of Banners” during the National Competition Finals.


2. We are the 1st place winning team from our State/Regional Competition. Do we send in our Technical Drawing and Report prior to attending National Competition Finals?

YES, send in your Technical Report Only, as outlined in the competition guidelines.

(DO NOT send in your Technical Drawling as they will be evaluated when you arrive on campus).


3. Our team won our State/Regional Competition. One of the team members is unable to attend National Competition Finals. Can we replace him/her?

YES. A student team member can be replaced with another SECME student that participated on the project. The replacement student will be required to participate in all competition requirements, as outlined in the guidelines.


4. Our team won our State/Regional Competition. One of the team members is unable to attend National Competition Finals. Can we send a two-member team?

NO. We understand that occasionally, due to circumstances beyond a student’s control, a team member will not be able to participate in the SECME National Student Competition Finals. The SECME National Competition Guidelines clearly state that this is a three-member team event. Therefore, it is our recommendation that you substitute an alternate student and exhaust all avenues to secure a replacement student.


5. We have purchased airline tickets for our team members and chaperone. We have just been notified that one of our team members has had a family emergency and will be unable to attend. We now have a two-member team, what are our options?

Your options are to

  • Make a substitution with an alternate student
  • Exhaust all other avenues to secure a replacement student
  • Bring the two-member team and compete
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you have already purchased tickets, can’t find an alternate and have to bring your two-member team, they will be able to participate but WILL NOT be able to place in their event.


6. Can parents/family members attend the National Student Competition Finals?

YES. Parents and family members are always encouraged to attend SECME events. Transportation, meals and lodging will need to be secured by the individual family. The Host University is only responsible for meals and lodging for the student team members (3) and the authorized chaperone. Additionally, the Host University does not traditionally house family members.


7. I am a parent/family member attending the National Student Competition Finals; can my child leave and have dinner with us?


8. How will we get from/to the airport to UAB campus?  SECME/UAB will not provide transportation from/to the airport to campus.  Click the ground transportation link for information on getting from the airport to campus.

Please arrange all “non-competition” activities with the legally authorized chaperone for your child.

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