The following is the schedule for presentation of papers at the International Congress. Presenters are encouraged to carefully review the listing for their paper and to notify AIHP (at by July 25, 2019 if corrections or changes are necessary or desired. Click the "Abstracts" button to see the abstracts for the papers in each respective section.  


  Session I: Friday, September 6
  (9:45 – 10:45)
 Abstracts for Session I Papers 

Group A

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal A 
Moderator: Angela G. Long
Susan A. Cantrell (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) and Robert P. Navarro (University of Florida College of Pharmacy)
Evolution of Managed Care Pharmacy in the U.S.: Optimizing Medicine, Improving Lives
Douglas Scheckelhoff (American Society of Health System Pharmacists)
The 60 Year Evolution of Hospital Pharmacy in the United States
Benjamin Y. Urick (University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy)
Capitation for Pharmacy Services:  A Bold New Idea with a 40 Year History

Group B

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal B 
Moderator: Gregory J. Higby
Gregory Bond (American Institute of the History of Pharmacy and University of Wisconsin-Madison)

“Racial Discrimination Should… [be] Foreign and Objectionable in Schools of Pharmacy in the Future:” The Desegregation of Pharmacy Education in the United States South, 1933-1973

John E. Clark and Angela Hill (University of South Florida College of Pharmacy)

An Exploratory Analysis of Early Defunct African-American Pharmacy Schools

Jeffrey W. Wadelin and Michael J. Rouse (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education)

ACPE: Assuring and Advancing Quality in Pharmacy Education Since 1932

Group C 
Language of Presentation:  French
Location: Statler AB
Moderator: Emanuela Appetiti

Bruno Bonnemain (Société d'Histoire de la Pharmacie)

Le Formulaire des hôpitaux militaires de Coste, publié à Newport, pour l’Armée de Rochambeau, en 1780 (The Formulary of Cost for Military Hospitals, Published in Newport, for Rochambeau's Army, in 1780)

Olivier Lafont (Société d'Histoire de la Pharmacie) 

L'analyse à la cornue, une méthode de caractérisation des drogues simples

Marie-Sophie Guibert (Musée de la Pharmacie)
Arrowroot : Produit de Qualité ou Effet de Mode?
 Session II:  Friday, September 6
 (11:00 – 12:00)
 Abstracts for Session II Papers

Group A

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal A 
Moderator: Bruno Bonnemain

Prof. Efraim Lev (University of Haifa)

Medieval Arabic Pharmacy as Portrayed from a Unique Jewish Source, the Cairo Geniza

Alain Touwaide (University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions)

Revisiting the Birth of the Pharmacopoeia - The "Ricettario Fiorentino" (1498) in Context

Cynthia Klestinec (Miami University of Ohio)

Medicines in Renaissance Venice: Reconstructing the Terms of Evaluation

Group B

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal B
Moderator: W. Clarke Ridgway

Angela G. Long and Geeta Tirumalai

The Conservation, Preservation, Description, and Digitization of the Charles Rice and Joseph Remington Circulars

Marcus Olli

Pharmacopoea Fennica 200 Years

Burcu Sen-Utsukarci (Department of Pharmacognosy, Istanbul University) and Afife Mat (Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of the History of Pharmacy and Ethics, Istanbul University)

An Individual Effort for Pharmacy Profession – Idris’ Formulary

Group C

Language of Presentation:  German
Location: Statler AB
Moderator: Stefan Wulle

Christoph Friedrich

Der Beitrag von Johann Bartholomäus Trommsdorff (1770–1837) zur Arzneimittelsicherhei (The Contribution of Johann Bartholomäus Trommsdorff (1770–1837) to Drug Safety)

Karoline Guba, Christoph Friedrich, and Ulrich Meyer

Rocornal® – ein „Exportschlager“ aus dem VEB Deutsches Hydrierwerk Rodleben der DDR

Michael W. Mönnich

Die Ausbildung der Pharmazeuten an der Technischen Hochschule in Karlsruhe

Session III:  Friday, September 6

 (14:15 – 15:15; 2:15 – 3:15 p.m.)
 Abstracts for Session III Papers 

Group A 

Language of Presentation:  English 
Location: Federal A 
Moderator: John D. Grabenstein

Peter Graepel

Pharmacist Möricke's Blood-Cleansing Pills (1787)

Axel Helmstaedter (Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Goethe University)
Quality Control of Tablets – From the very Beginning to the Dissolution Test

Bovone Giulia

Italy’s Favorite Opotherapic Drug: Bioplastina Serono

Group B 
Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal B
Moderator: Arthur Daemmrich
Richard Del Rio
The Mass Transformation of Retail Pharmacy and the Development of a Modern Illicit Narcotics Market

Don E Wirtshafter (Cannabis Museum, Athens, Ohio)

The First Golden Age of Cannabis Pharmaceutical Medicines, 1830-1937

Toshimasa Koshimizu. (Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine), Tempei Miyaji (Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo), and Kiichiro Tsutani (Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences)

Asthma Cigarettes (Zensoku-tabako) Made from Cannabis was Approved as a Medicine and Sold in Early Days of Pharmaceutical and Tobacco Regulation After Meiji Restoration in Japan

Group C

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Statler AB
Moderator: William A. Zellmer 
Sandra M. Fabregas-Troche (Executive Director, Centro Latino en Bioética y Humanidades; Retired Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Puerto Rico)

The Foundations of Pharmacy Practice in Puerto Rico (1512-1898)

Fela Viso-Gurovich

The Mexican United States Pharmacopeia (Farmacopea de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (FEUM))

Eduardo Savio, Carlos Lacava, and Nora Gerpe (Asociación de Química y Farmacia del Uruguay)

Asociación de Química y Farmacia del Uruguay (AQFU): 130 years of the National Pharmacist Organization in Uruguay Promoting an Ethical and Professional Practice in Pharmacy

 Session IV: Friday, September 6
(15:30 – 16:50; 3:30 – 4:50 p.m.) 
 Abstracts for Session IV Papers
Language of Presentation:  English

Location:  Statler AB

Moderator: Lucas Richert

Jim Mills (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland)
Cannabis: Global Histories – An Update
David Alan Guba, Jr. (Bard Early College, Baltimore, Maryland)
Taming the Orient: Medicalizing and Marketing Marijuana in Nineteenth-Century France
Emily Dufton (George Washington University Documentary Center, Washington, DC)
From Hippies to High Yield Insights: The History of Marijuana Marketing
Michael Couchman (Queen’s University, Kingston, ON)
"The Most Controversial Therapeutic Agent of Modern Times": Medicine, Moral Panic, and the International Context of Canadian Cannabis Prohibition

Session V: Saturday, September 7

 (9:45 – 10:45)
 Abstracts for Session V Papers

Group A

Language of Presentation:  English, French, and Spanish
Location: Federal A 
Moderator: Alain Touwaide 

Arman Zargaran and Samaneh Soleymani (School of Persian Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences) 

A Historical Report on Preparing Sustained Release Dosage Forms for Addicts in Medieval Persia, 16th Century AD

Yves Lehmann (l'Université de Strasbourg) and Hélène Lehmann (l'Université de Lille)

Du bon Médicament Selon Marcellus Empiricus (IVe siècle apr. J.-C.) : Préparation, Présentation, Prescription


Paloma Ruiz Vega (UCA, Real Academia De Medicina De Cádiz, Sección De Historia De La Farmacia, Instituto De España)

Ensayo Sobre la Eelaboración de la Quinina en 1824, por José Pablo Pérez, Académico Farmacéutico de Cádiz

Group B

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal B
Moderator: Stuart Anderson 

Iwona Arabas (Institute for the History of Science, Polish Academy of Sciences and Antonina Leśniewska Museum of Pharmacy, Warsaw, Poland)

New Raw Materials From the New World: Transfer of Knowledge to Polish Pharmacies

Barbara Di Gennaro (Yale University)

Standardization Through Organoleptic Procedures, or, How to Recognize a Quality Compound in the Seventeenth-Century

Christiane Engel (Institut für Pharmaziegeschichte, Marburg, Germany)

Beginnings and Development of Pharmacy and Quality Medicines in Nuremberg, Germany

Group C

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Statler AB
Moderator: Catherine Taglieri
John E Clark (University of South Florida College of Pharmacy)

A Historical Review of African-American Women in Pharmacy from 1868 to 1950

Cynthia J. Boyle (University of Maryland School of Pharmacy)

Promoting the Relevance of Pharmacy “Herstory” in Pharmacy History

Ga Eun Lee (Seoul National University)

FDA’s Regulation of Female Hormone Based Drugs in 1970-1971: Reassessment of Importance of Drug Information Disclosure

Session VI: Saturday, September 7
  (11:00 – 12:00)
 Abstracts for Session VI Papers 

Group A

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal A 
Moderator: Robert Griffith

Kerstin Grothusheitkamp and Christoph Friedrich

Medical Prescriptions in History – Reflecting Pharmaceutical Practice and Social Infrastructure. An Interdisciplinary Project Supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

Dr. Meral Avci (School of Business and Economics, RWTH Aachen University)

Medical Prescriptions – The Mirror of the Present, Past and Future

Stefan Alexandru (Marburg Institute of the History of Pharmacy, The British School at Athens)

Reflections on Byzantine Sources of a Hitherto Unexplored Latin Pharmacological Codex Preserved at Heidelberg

Group B

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal B 
Moderator: Olivier Lafont

Ved Baruah (Shanghai University)

Indigenous Drugs and Modern Medicines: Historical Perspectives on Indian Pharmacology and the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Patrick Chiu (Hong Kong Society for the History of Pharmacy)

The Beginnings of Western Pharmacy Practice in Modern China,1910-1941:

A Case Study of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital Pharmacy Department

Kazushige Morimoto (National Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), Japan)

Study to Determine if Japanese New Biopharmaceuticals were Approved by FDA And EMA Authorities

Group C

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Statler AB
Moderator: John Parascandola 
Halil Tekiner (Erciyes University School of Pharmacy, Kayseri, Turkey)

Ottoman Pharmacy as Reflected in the 16th-Century European Travel Literature

Mary Schaeffer Conroy (University of Colorado, Denver) and Valentina Fedorovna Sosonkina,(Club of the History of Pharmacy, Belfarmatsiia, Minsk, Belarus)

“Fathers and Children”: The Gabrilovich Family of Pharmacists & Private vs Socialized Pharmacy in Russia

Ladislav Svatos, Jan Babica, and Ladislava Valaskova (Czech Pharmaceutical Museum, Department of Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Czechia)

The Klan Case – Pharmaceutical Quality Control as a Tool of Repression in Totalitarian Czechoslovakia

Session VII: Sunday, September 8

 (9:00– 10:00)
 Abstracts for Session VII Papers 

Group A

Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal A 
Moderator: John P. Swann

Robert K. Griffith (School of Pharmacy, West Virginia University)

History of Drug Metabolism, Drug-Drug Interactions, and Pharmacy Education

John Parascandola (University of Maryland, College Park)

David Macht, Phytopharmacology, Religion and the Menotoxin

Enrico Cevolani
The Inventions of Umberto Dotta and the Birth of the Italian Dressing Plastod
Group B
Language of Presentation:  English
Location: Federal B 
Moderator: Gregory Bond
Daniel P. Gmyrek (Gatton College of Pharmacy, East Tennessee State University)

Frank Farrington - Pharmacy's Answer to Dale Carnegie

Nina Aldin Thune
A Prescription of the Quality Pharmacy Shop
Group C
Language of Presentation:  English and German
Location: Statler AB
Moderator: Axel Helmstadter
T. Anthony Sun (Osnabrueck University and University Paris-Descartes)
In Search for a Definition of Pharmacy
Ursula Hirter-Trüb (Basel, Switzerland)

Die Dame aus der Barfüsser-Kirche – wie ein transdisziplinäres, wissenschaftliches Projekt in Basel einer namenlosen Mumie Leben einhaucht

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