501(c)onference 2016

501(c)onference 2016

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ideathon: Design Thinking Lab

(Invitation Only)

We are kicking off the conference in a very unique way this year – with a pre-(c)onference experience dedicated to interactive, cross-sector collaboration and learning! This day will bring together leaders from various sectors to explore new ways to solve problems in a changing world.  Please note that this is an invitation-only event and space is limited. Registration for the conference does not include participation or attendance in the Design Thinking Lab. If you are interested in being considered for participation, please submit your interest here and you will be contacted with details if you are selected to participate.



Thursday, June 2, 2016 | 9:00am-6:00pm

Thursday Morning Plenary Sessions
Welcome and CNM 2016 Sector Snapshot
Each year, the Center for Nonprofit Management surveys leaders of nonprofit organizations across the region to find out how you’re addressing the challenges and opportunities impacting growth and sustainability. CNM pairs this data with what we hear from the thousands of nonprofit leaders and board members we work with to create the Sector Snapshot. CNM President & CEO, Regina Birdsell will share the results of what this years’ Snapshot tells us about trends on the horizon that will impact our region, our sector and how organizations accomplish their mission.
  • Welcome - Angela Weimer, National Director of Human Resources and Administration, NALEO Educational Fund | CNM Board Member
  • Fred Mendez, Managing Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the Americas for MUFG Union Bank  
  • Regina Birdsell, President & CEO, Center for Nonprofit Management


Future of the Social Economy: Inventing Digital Civil Society
What is digital civil society and what are its implications on nonprofit effectiveness, management, and governance? For nearly three decades, Dr. Berhnolz, has been a practitioner, researcher, consultant and writer exploring philanthropy and the social economy. She will explore the findings identified in her annual Blueprint series, an industry trend forecast with revealing findings about the breakthroughs ahead and how organizations must adapt in order to thrive.
  • Welcome - Wendy Garen, Executive Director, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
  • Lucy Bernholz, Ph.D., Senior Research Scholar, Stanford University Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society
Philanthropy of the Future
Hear directly from leaders in philanthropy how they are using new approaches to grantmaking to maximize their impact and the impact of their grantee organizations. These funders are driving the evolution of philanthropy by infusing democracy into the grantmaking process, changing the dynamics of the grantor/grantee relationship, advocating among their peers, and experimenting with new models to put grant funds where they’ll matter most. Learn why and how these funders evolved their strategy for grantmaking and what that means for your organization as you pursue foundation support within this shifting landscape.  


  • Welcome –   Mary-Elizabeth Michaels, Director of Community Affairs, Warner Brothers Entertainment
  • Moderator – Belinda Madrid Teitel, VP,  Leadership Development, Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Belen Vargas, Vice President, Programs, Weingart Foundation
  • Deidre Lind, President, Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles
  • Tara Roth, President, Goldhirsh Foundation
  • Elizabeth Trombley, Director of Public Affairs, Kaiser Permanente - Downey
Thursday Lunch
LA’s Evolution: The Past, Present and Future of Our Communities
As a leader you must adapt to a constantly changing landscape. Do you know what’s changing? Do you know what those changes mean to how you successfully accomplish your mission?  Learn what residents, regional leaders and trend data of Forecast LA are telling us about what is, has and will change in our communities and across our sector. Professor Guerra and long-time community leader Virgil Roberts, will speak candidly about what this data tells us about how decades of developing strong leadership - improving board diversity, pursuing collaborative outcomes, and the professionalization of the sector – have gotten us closer to our goals, or have they?  Explore what the past and present can tell us about how we’ll make a greater impact in the future.
  • Welcome - Neena N. Master, Southern California Gas Company 
  • Moderator - Maura J. Harrington, Ph.D., Vice President of Consulting and Chief Operating Officer, Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Fernando Guerra, Director of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles and Assistant to the President for Civic Engagement, Loyola Marymount University
  • Virgil Roberts, Managing Partner and Founder, Bobbit & Roberts | Chair, African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI)

Thursday Afternoon Plenary Sessions

Solving Social Problems with Creativity and Entrepreneurship

This year’s conference started with an experiment - a full-day Design Thinking Lab bringing together cross-sector leaders to explore new ways to solve problems in a changing world. Hear from your peers how design thinking can thrust you out of ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ to gain new perspectives, experiment, take risks, and test drive solutions. Learn how you can use design thinking to infuse creativity and new perspectives into solving challenges facing your community.
  • Moderator–Julie Ha Truong, Director of Education, Center for Nonprofit Management 
  • Marlon Fuentes, Strategic Designer/Marketing Manager, verynice  |  Founder VRCauses
  • Noah Goldberg-Jaffe, Project Coordinator, verynice
  • Megan Tremelling, Design Strategist, verynice
Integrating Changing Technology to Meet Your Mission
When was the last time you updated your Strategic Technology Plan?  Each year organizations are using data to plan how best to achieve their mission – financial forecasts, salary studies, giving projections, and revisiting longer term guides like an organizational plan or vision document. Yet when it comes to technology, we tend to replace what we’ve got and buy as things break. Maximizing our efforts by leveraging the tech that’s available, and planning and integrating it into our processes is directly related to organizational success. Tech industry expert Steve MacLaughlin will explore how changes in technology are impacting nonprofit organizations and what lies ahead. Discover how your organization measures up when it comes to integrating changing technology and learn proven formulas of success for integrating change in your organization that drives results.
  • Welcome - Belinda Madrid Teitel, VP, Leadership Development, Center for Nonprofit Management 
  • Steve MacLaughlin, Director of Analytics, Blackbaud | Past Board Chair, NTEN


Networking Reception sponsored by Wells Fargo
  • Welcome - Carolyn Williams, Southern California Consulting Associates | CNM Board

Friday, June 3, 2016 | 8:30am-4:00pm

Friday Morning Plenary Sessions                             
Welcome and Opening 
  • Joe Lumarda, Senior Vice President, Capital Group Companies | CNM Board Member
The Generosity Gap: Donating Less in Post-Recession Los Angeles County
So goes the adage, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. With growing need and shrinking dollars to go around, will you continue to succeed using the ‘tried and true’ strategies you’ve used in the past?
New at this years’ conference is the release of the 2016 State of Charitable Giving in Los Angeles developed by UCLA. This years’ report will lead you to question what you think you know about the sustainability of your funding sources and what motivates the people who give to support your work. Find out what assumptions about funding social change are becoming obsolete and what you can do to keep from being left behind.
  • Moderator – Maura J. Harrington, Vice President of Consulting & Chief Operating Officer, Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Shakari Byerly, Evitarus
  • John Kobara, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, California Community Foundation
  • Shawn Landres, Civil Society Fellow, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
  • Bill Parent, Associate Dean and Director, UCLA Policy Forum
Friday Lunch

Forging Change: A Conversation with Supervisor Kuehl
Actions and policies of our civic leaders can quickly shift the direction of the problems, resources and environments in which we do our work. In conversation with Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, learn more about how the LA County Board of Supervisors is shaping a new landscape through strategies, policies, and partnerships and the opportunities and consequences for your organizations and the communities you serve.
  • Welcome – Jonathan Weedman, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Moderator - Val Zavala, Anchor & Executive Producer, KCET SoCal Connected
  • Supervisor Sheila James Kuehl, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Third District
Friday Afternoon Plenary Sessions                  
The New Organization: Different by Design
Around the globe, organizations are dramatically reshaping the workplace and the way we work. Deloitte will share results from their 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report, and how what they’ve learned about redesigning organizations using network analysis can strengthen your capacity to serve the community.  Explore how you can develop agile and empowered teams, and the potential implications of these new models on leadership and talent.
  • Welcome – David White, Director, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  • Tiffany McDowell, Principal, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
Closing Plenary: Changemakers (Re)Creating Los Angeles
The way we work, the resources we have, the technology we can leverage, the strategies that are effectively driving change – they’re all evolving. With so much change, we will need to work together to advance our communities and adapt our organizations to face the future. Find out how some of our regions’ largest agencies are redesigning their organizations, working collaboratively, redefining leadership, and embracing technology to help communities thrive.
  • Moderator - Val Zavala, Anchor & Executive Producer, KCET SoCal Connected
  • Regina Birdsell, President & CEO, Center for Nonprofit Management
  • Omar Brownson, Executive Director, River LA
  • Sachi Hamai, CEO, County of Los Angeles
  • Tom Sayles, Senior Vice President, University Relations, USC/Chairman, LA Chamber of Commerce
Ice Cream Social sponsored by Safeway

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