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501(c)onference 2017

*Solicitation is prohibited at this event unless representing an approved conference exhibitor.  Please do not solicit or market products/services to attendees or solicit funding for your organization or project.

Event Registration

Early Bird Rate:  $395 through May 12, 2017.


Team of 2 Discount:  Organizations registering 2 members will receive $55 off the second registrant's fee!  Both participants must be registered together at the same time.

501(c)onference 2017

  1. Standard Registration Fee

    Discounted Price If Registered By
    $395.00 Friday, May 12, 2017

Optional Item

2-Minute Answer Guide - PDF

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Payment Message

CNM Membership and Scholarship discounts will be automatically applied at check-out!

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*Purchased hard-copy books will be distributed at the event. PDF orders will be emailed to you following the event.

*LACAC and Santa Monica grantees, please make sure you have pre-approval from the county or city respectively prior to registration, or you will be billed the full registration amount.

*Cancellation and refund policy: 5 days prior to the event. You are encouraged to send an alternate if you are unable to attend.

y registering:

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  • you give CNM permission to use your image for communications or publications and waive any rights for compensation.