68th Arizona Conference on Roads and Streets


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David Pereira
The NTSB's role in investigating transportation accidents and its advocacy for the transportation safety will e highlighted, including the most wanted list of top safety improvements, the NTSB's road map from lessons learned to lives saved, plus an overview of recent automated vehicle crash investigations.
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Larry Scofield
The presentation will review the lessons learned from the world's largest on-going concrete pavement research project. Five design features have been evaluated in a national experiment for the last 18 to 26 years so the entire story can be told. In addition, the results of national surveys on concrete pavement preservation treatment life will be reviewed.
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Brent Conner
ADOT in collaboration with AGC,ACEC, and industry Suppliers has updated the agency specifications for mechanically stabilized earth walls and drilled shaft foundations. The goals of the specification updates are to reduce construction phase duration, improve acceptance process efficiency, and incorporate new technologies.
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Rob Antoniak
Transit Agencies are embracing new technology and partnerships to adapt to the change in customer needs and expectations. Join us to learn how we are fostering innovation in areas such as system integration, partnerships, innovative business models, equity of service delivery, and leveraging federal programs to improve mobility.