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Please note: All times in the program are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 

We hope everyone remains safe and healthy during this evolving public health crisis. We appreciate the community continues to wrestle with adjusting to the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, and we at NIH continue to work diligently and thoughtfully to try find ways to address your needs. To help in your future planning, we want to follow up on our previous update that we cannot hold the 2020 BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting in-person this June. After exploring options for hosting virtual meetings, as well as investigating the possibility of postponing an in-person event later in 2020, we have determined that the safest, most responsible option for the BRAIN community is to hold only a virtual event. The virtual 2020 BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting will occur over June 1st and 2nd, in line with current planning and preparations. 

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The BRAIN Initiative® Investigators Meeting will convene BRAIN Initiative awardees, staff, and leadership from the contributing federal agencies (NIH, NSF, DARPA, IARPA, and FDA), plus representatives and investigators from participating non-federal organizations, and members of the media, public, and Congress. The purpose of this open meeting is to provide a forum for discussing exciting scientific developments and potential new directions, and to identify areas for collaboration and research coordination.

Federal BRAIN awardees should refer to their agency-specific email and/or federal project/program manager for additional instructions and details regarding participation in this meeting.

The target audience for this meeting includes:
  • Federally funded and non-federally funded BRAIN Initiative investigators
  • Non-federal organizations and groups invested in the BRAIN Initiative
  • BRAIN Initiative-related investigators at large
  • Federal staff
  • Members of Congress
  • Patient and advocacy groups
  • Media and general public

Show Us Your Brains! Photo and Video Contest - VOTING OPENS SOON!

Neuroscience has come a long way since the hand drawings of Ramon y Cajal, and currently innovative technology continues to capture the wonder and beauty of the brain. As the entire world is now facing a major threat from the COVID-19 pandemic, science continues to progress on many other fronts. We want to see the amazing images and videos from your research as perhaps everyone could use a little break now and then from the coronavirus news! We have received some amazing images and videos from your research! Vote for your favorite video and photos here!

Sign up for the Special Session, Ethics in the Time of COVID-19: An Interactive Discussion

The current COVID-19 pandemic provides a contemporary case study for discussing the neuroethics-neuroscience partnership, as it is raising important ethical implications for patients, the healthcare system and the research community. On Monday, June 1, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT, there will be a special discussion on Ethics in the Time of COVID-19, featuring a 20-minute talk by Drs. Christine Grady and Scott Kim from the NIH Bioethics Department, followed by small group discussions. To facilitate an interactive discussion, this session will have limited space and requires a separate registration. This event has reached capacity and registration is now closed. For more information, visit this Eventbrite page.